What Your Favourite TV Shows Would Look Like Now If They’d Been Allowed To Run For Another 10 Years

Sex and the City in 2015? Total shit show.

What Your Favourite TV Shows Would Look Like Now If They'd Been Allowed To Run For Another 10 Years

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You've probably seen the news that Game Of Thrones is, if allowed by HBO, set to go on for another ten years rather than the seven that we previously thought. This is definitely a good thing; not once thus far has Game Of Thrones wavered in it's consistancy since it began and our faith in the fact that it could maintain it's high standards is pretty strong.

Had other TV shows been allowed to run on and run on, we're not so sure this would have been a thing. Here's what might have happened...

The OC

I mean, things got silly real fast in that last season of everyone’s favourite tv drama about over-privileged rich kids (The West Coast Edition). Given the chance to stretch on for ten years, the show probably would have been remembered less as ‘that super great teen show that had three great seasons and one bad one’ and rather as ‘what the actual fuck was going on there?’ If season four was anything to go by, hallucinations, far fetched plot lines and love matches that would never have happened IRL would have been rife. Taylor and Sandy? Julie and Ryan? Who knows. Perhaps they would have done The OC; The Next Generation with that kid that grown up Ryan picked up in the last scene. HOW MANY MORE MODEL HOMES HAVE TO SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF CHINO-TEENAGER INDUCED ARSON? More moo shu for my moo shu?


Would the whole thing have been half as fun with a third of the gang based out in Westchester? Probably not. Chances are they’d have had to introduce a whole bunch of new suburban-based characters for Monica and Chandler to interact with and, for people that don’t like change (aka us) this probably wouldn’t have gone down too well. Plus, the Friends’ offspring would be nearly grown ups by now and, while the kids worked well when they couldn’t speak, Emma explaining Snapchat to Ross while Erica and Jack become YouTube Vloggers? That’s something we’re not quite ready to see.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl was always more ridiculous than The OC, so we let the more ridiculous storylines slide (apart from the one where it turned out Dan WAS Gossip Girl, that never made one tiny bit of sense). Anyways, ten years on, we can’t imagine things were quite as happy families as we left them due to the fact that not one relationship on the show managed to last longer than three episodes. Leave those guys alone for another ten years and you’d have Blair shagging Nate again, Rufus and Lily back together and, as for Serena and Dan? If Serena hadn’t run off on a ten year bender to Mexico leaving a trail of destruction in her wake while Dan sat at home sobbing and writing a big old book about it then we’ll eat our hat.

Sex And The City

Unfortunately the two ill-advised films gave a painful view of where the gang will be ten years on (cool Carrie’s still got stuff to complain about) but ten years on from that? Now that we’d like to see. Samantha would be the most fashionable bridge player at her Florida retirement home, Charlotte would be all freaking out about Lily’s prom dress (perhaps crying in the cupboard again while her maid sorted everything out), Miranda would probably still be kicking ass and generally being a wicked person while Carrie? Who the hell knows. Probably weeping into the iPad she doesn’t know how to use while Big thanks the heavens for the wireless headphones that allow him to watch TV in the bedroom in peace.

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