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The 9 New Farrow & Ball Colours You’ll Be Seeing On Your Instagram Feed ASAP

© Farrow & Ball

Featuring Farrow & Ball's answer to millennial pink

Worried that Elephant’s Breath has become just a touch too ubiquitous? Fear not: interiors brand Farrow & Ball has launched nine new paint shades, their first new colours to arrive since 2016.

The nine covetable launches range from a nostalgic soft off white named School House White to statement-making hues like Rangwali, a vibrant pink inspired by the tradition of throwing paint during the Holi festival, and Bancha, a more modern twist on olive green, with the darkest shade being the Georgian inspired red-black Paean Black.

Of the new shades, though, we predict that Sulking Room Pink will soon become a fixture on your favourite interiors-themed Instagram accounts. Think of it as millennial pink with an edge: according to the brand, the colour is ‘not to be seen as overtly pink, but rather a muted rose with enormous warmth,’ while its ‘powdery feel makes it incredibly soft and easy to use with complementary tones.’ Its unusual name nods to pink’s prominence as a colour used in the boudoir, a room that takes its name from the French verb ‘bouder,’ to sulk.

See the new Farrow & Ball paint shades in full in the gallery below...

‘Our new hues tend to fall into three very broad brackets,’ Farrow & Ball’s colour curator Joa Studholme told the Evening Standard’s Homes & Property. ‘The first is trend-led colours that feel relevant and will nourish the contemporary home. Jitney is a wonderful example of this, with brown-based tones that mark the move away from cooler greys.’

‘The second is existing shades that might need a very slight tweak for today’s market – Sulking Room Pink is an updated take on Smoked Trout, for example,’ she continued. ‘Finally, some of our most popular hues just beg to have lighter or darker accents, such as School House white which is the lightest colour in the contemporary neutral group.'

Farrow & Ball have traditionally retained a chart of just 132 colours, meaning that nine older shades – Clunch, Archive, Smoked Trout, Book Room Red, Yellow Cake, Ringwold Ground, Tunsgate Green, Drawing Room Blue and Black Blue – have been retired to make way for these new launches. If one of those is a favourite, though, you needn’t fear too much: the colours will still be available to buy through the brand’s archive collection.