Fancy A Selfie With The Planet Mars? Well, Now You Can.

There's selfies, belfies and now? Melfies.


by Stevie Martin |
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We’ve had the selfie, the belfie and now it’s time for the melfie. Mars One is calling for donations on crowdfunding website Urgency Network to fund research into establishing permanent human life on Mars, and in return you get a selfie with the planet itself.

Sadly, this doesn’t include actually going to Mars in order to take said melfie. The crew will stick your face on the communications satellite orbiting Mars and take a picture of it during their 2018 mission. Flabbergasting, isn’t it?

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On top of this, you’ll also get entered into a prize draw to win a private trip to space, which sounds both exciting and terrifying.

In terms of melfies, it’s first come, first served, so go here to make a contribution and receive a Mission Certificate Of Participation. You’re basically Tom Hanks in Apollo 13. Or Bruce Willis in Armageddon. Or anyone else who went to space in a film.

The big question is, how will Kim Kardashian deal with the fact she’s been beaten in the running for best selfie ever? She’ll probably enter herself. Or do one of her and Saturn or something.

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