The Facts You Need To Drop To Show Off During The BAFTAS

Look like you know it all. Because you do.


by Jess Commons |
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  • Since the damning documentary Blackfish, 11 artists have cancelled their concerts at Seaworld. Including Willie Nelson. Quite what he was doing performing at a place where giant fish dance for money, we’re not sure. But then again, he was in that Jessica Simpson video.

  • Michael Fassbender’s character in 12 Years A Slave ‘Epps’ was apparently so unpleasant in real life that even today people from the area tell people off by saying, ‘Stop being Epps.’

  • Best Actress nominee Amy Adams once worked in Hooters. For 3 weeks. “I did learn, quickly, that short shorts and beer don’t mix!”

  • Emma Thompson’s character in Saving Mr Banks, Mary Poppins author PL Travers, was going to adopt twin boys, but as a single mother backed out and only took one in the end – Camillus. Even though she didn’t tell Camillus about his brother, the two met by chance in a bar later in life. Cam and his mother fell out. Obviously.

  • Liberace – as seen in best adapted screenplay nominee Behind the Candelabra, could play 6000 notes in two minutes – making him officially the fastest piano player in the world.

  • Best supporting actor nominee Bradley Cooper can be seen on old episodes of Inside The Actor’s Studio as a young student putting questions to Sean Penn, Stephen Spielberg and Robert DeNiro. 13 years later, he starred alongside him in Silver Linings Playbook

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