Dawn O’ Porter: ‘I Let Boys Touch My Body When I Didn’t Want Them To’

Be our big sister, Dawn?


by Jess Commons |
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Just when you thought Dawn O' Porter couldn't get any more brilliant, she's gone and written a follow up to her very excellent first book Paper Aeroplanes. The TV presenter slash journalist slash all round winner's new book Goose picks up with her heroines from Paper Aeroplanes Renee and Flo now they're 18 and just about to dive headfirst into adulthood.

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We had a chat with Dawn – who we're officially adopting as our big sister whether she likes it or not – and found out what sorts of things she'd tell her younger self if she could go back in time. Here's what she said:

**Saying no is FINE

'**The power of no. I let boys touch my body when I didn't want them too, all of my friends did too. And we didn't say no because you'd get called "frigid." I wish we'd all talked about it like we do as adults and collectively been stronger and better at saying "get off."'

Reading is definitely not for losers

'I'd tell my younger self to read more books. Who knew that there would be a time in my life where the coolest thing to be was well read?'

Ignore fashion

'I'd have worn want I felt good in, rather than what everyone else thought was cool.'

Have confidence in yourself

'I'd tell myself to always say how I feel and never go along with a crowd, because the people in life who stand out are the ones who stick to their guns.'

Siblings are the most important friend you'll ever have

'I'd work harder on my friendship with my sister, and tell myself that no matter how much she annoys me, she is and will always be, the most important person in my world.'

Goose is out now. Follow Dawn on Twitter @Hotpatooties

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