The Complete A To Z Of All Your Awards Seasoning

From Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu to erm, whatever we could find for 'Z'


by Jess Commons |

**A is for: ****Alejandro González Iñárritu **

Complicated name, beautiful filmmaker. This year the Babel director’s in the spotlight for Birdman, the wacky superhero slash comeback film with a cast as mad as it's message.

B is for: Bradley Cooper

Missing from the Golden Globe nominations but surely worth a mention at some point for his portrayal of the revered but damaged American soldier Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper.

C is for: Channing Tatum

HELLO where did THIS chap come from? First we found out the ChanChanMan was funny in 21 Jump Street, then this year we found out he’s got serious acting skills in Foxcatcher. Big shout out to the frosted blonde tips he sports in the film too. Sugar Ray tastic.

D is for David Oyelowo

Despite being in Interstellar, A Most Violent Year and Selma (playing Martin Luther King no less) people still couldn’t pronounce his name. So Brad Pitt stepped in.

E is for Eddie Redmayne

So good is he as Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything that we’ve almost forgiven him for Eddie for going and getting married to someone that wasn’t us.

F is for Felicity Jones

As Eddie’s costar in The Theory Of Everything, Miss Jones shows off some serious acting chops as Jane Hawking, Eddie’s onscreen wife.

G is for Gillian Flynn

The author behind 2012’s biggest book and subsequent screenplay must be super chuffed with the Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck onscreen version of Gone Girl that wowed audiences last year. Octopus and scrabble anyone?

H is for How To Train Your Dragon 2

Proof yet again that kids movies are for grown ups too. HTTYD2 took us back to the Vikings and their village of Berk as dragons and humans come together to fight evil conqueror Drago. Still can’t handle how cute Toothless is.

I is for Into The Woods

This year’s musical-to-film adaption extravaganza. Meryl Streep’s good, Emily Blunt’s excellent but OMG all the SINGING.

J is for Jennifer Aniston

Every couple of years everyone’s favourite Friend surprises everyone with a banging performance in a credible film. This year it’s the turn of Cake, about a woman suffering from chronic pain.

K is for Keira Knightley

Her turn as Joan Clarke in The Imitation Game seems like it’s FINALLY made people realise that Keira’s (surprise!) a brilliant actress.

L is for Lego Movie

Another kids film we watched unashamedly with no kids present. Chris Pratt is excellently Chris Pratt-esque as Emmet in this bonkers film soundtracked by really annoying/super catchy heavy hardcore.

M is for Miles Teller

We wrote this guy off after That Awkward Moment (hell we wrote LIFE off after That Awkward Moment) but blow me down, Whiplash has turned everything on it’s head as Miles takes on the part of Andrew a drumming prodigy desparate to be the best.

O is for Oscar Isaacs

The dashing actor is back again in time for awards season, this time with A Most Violent Year which sees him sans cat (sadly) but with added Jessica Chastain.

P is for Pride

Shame the US marketeers saw fit to censor the Pride DVD cover, removing any mention of LGBT activists and the gay pride banner but hey, if all the publicity gets more people to see this super film then all the better.

Q is for Quevenzhane Wallis

This talented little nipper is spent 2014 as Annie reincarnated. Here's hoping she resurrects that doggy bag for this years' awards.

R is for Reese Witherspoon

Reese’s portrayal of Cheryl Strayed in the adaption of her memoir Wild as she takes on a 1100 mile walk on a journey of self discovery is earning the actress some serious nods of approval.

S is for Sienna Miller

Woah woah, not one but TWO big awards films under her effortless fashionable belt this year. Playing Mark Ruffalo’s wife in Foxcatcher and Bradley Cooper’s in American Sniper, this looks set to be her year.

T is for The Imitation Game

Oh Bentobox Rumpypatch, how do we adore you. Big love for his portrayal of wronged British hero Alan Turing.

U is for Uzo Aduba

Up for a Golden Globe for her role as Lichfield's bestest inmate; Crazy Eyes in Orange is the New Black. Which reminds us, the OITNB table will definitely be the most fun one at the awards.

V is for A Most Violent Year

Crime drama about New York's most dangerous year on record that follows an man who struggles to keep his family and business on track in a corrupt society.

W is for Whiplash

Never thought a film about a sweaty teenaged drummer getting chairs thrown at his head by Juno’s dad would pique our interest but it turns out their a time for everything. Banging film, banging cast.

X is for FoXcatcher

I mean it doesn't start with an X, we know that, but films beginning with X are thin on the ground and Foxcatcher is excellent. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Y is for ....

Nothing starts with Y. Nothing.

Z is for Zoe Saldana

Who not only killed it in Guardians of the Galaxy but also voiced Maria in the Golden Globe nominated The Book Of Life.

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