All The Best Christmas TV To Plan Your Festive Schedule Around

From the highly-anticipated The Great Christmas Bake Off to Call the Midwife Christmas Special, we've got you covered...

Bake off

by Aaliyah Harry |

The hin­ter­land be­tween Christ­mas Day and 31st De­cem­ber is the one time of year when it’s en­tirely ac­cept­able to forgo all so­cial in­ter­ac­tion in favour of loung­ing in front of the TV - in fact, it’s ac­tively en­cour­aged, ide­ally with a tin of choco­lates close to hand.

To make the most of your screen time - and avoid drift­ing off in front of yet another Bond film in a post-turkey stupour, or worse yet, accidentally trapping yourself in a Netflix loop that consists solely of The Princess Switch 3 or classic Home Alone (you can even rent the house now thanks to AirBnb) - we’ve con­sulted the TV sched­ule to bring you an edit of the shows and Christmas specials that every­one will be talk­ing about over the fes­tive pe­riod. As ever, it's a mix of the obligatory big-budget period dramas, some family friendly options and a sprinkling of reality TV. Pass the Cel­e­bra­tions…

What to watch this Christmas...

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Call The Midwife Christmas Special
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Call The Midwife Christmas Special

If you've missed Sister Mildred, you'll be relieved to hear she'll be back for this year's Call The Midwife Christmas Special. According to the BBC, In this new episode it's December 1966, and an extremely busy time. Not only is the maternity home chock-a-block with expectant mothers – many of whom are also having problems in their personal lives – but preparations are also underway for Lucille and Cyril's Boxing Day wedding.BBC One, 8pm, Christmas Day.

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