Fancy Pinterest Gift Wrapping Techniques, Tried And Tested

Waste of time or fairly straight forward? We put them to the test

Fancy Pinterest Gift Wrapping Techniques, Tried And Tested

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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Yes, I know what you're thinking. Who the hell has the time or inclination to spend precious Christmas minutes on elaborately wrapping gifts that are just going to be torn apart anyway?

But I bet you're also thinking that you've seen loads of beautifully wrapped gifts floating around your Pinterest feed and would secretly like to both receive and give such a beautifully wrapped gift if only it didn't require so much effort. We get it. As much as December is fun, its a big month for hangovers and poor hand-eye coordination.

That's why we've taken some fancy looking wrapping examples from our favourite Pinterest boards and given them a go for ourselves to see just how faffy they are and whether or not the hassle is actually worth it...

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The Ribbon Master

Fancy Pinterest Gift Wrapping Techniques, Tried And Tested

The goal: to create something that remotely resembling the one on this Spanish craft website. The DIY Christmas tree is the stuff of gift wrapping dreams (that's a thing, right?) and there are lots of fun elements to get through before you actually reach the present.

**The expectation: **The ribbon looks a bit elaborate really and isn't string really fiddly? Looks more fun to open than to create. But okay.

**The reality: **Couldn't find any green ribbon so had to make do with red which, luckily enough, is a Christmassy colour too so I channeled the Pinterest goddess within me an improvised. On my own. Pretty impressed by my Santa hat, aren't you?

**Difficulty: **Truth be told, it took a while to keep the ribbon in place. PrittStick is not the one for this sort of job. I'd give it a 6.5 on the difficulty scale.

The Two In One

Fancy Pinterest Gift Wrapping Techniques, Tried And Tested

**The goal: **How perfect does this two in one inception style wrap look? If that doesn't scream effort then I don't know what does. And a handy way to distract from the less than impressive gift inside.

**The expectation: **Not really sure how this works, where to begin or if they've just been really sneaky and used one sheet of paper that was designed that way...

**The reality: **My one looks okay, right? I bit of kinda coordinated contrast going on. And a candy cane is way more exciting than (if not quite as grown up as) a sprig of lavender.

**Difficulty: **Not quite as hard as the ribbon, you'll be pleased to hear. Bows are more straight forward than trees. 5/10.

The Very Clever Bag

Fancy Pinterest Gift Wrapping Techniques, Tried And Tested

**The goal: **There's always an awkwardly shaped present that proves impossible to wrap. And of course you only get to it on Christmas Eve when the shops are closed and you don't have a suitably sized bag to hand. Who'd have thought you could just make one like this on the Designer Trapped blog though? Magic, if you ask me.

**The expectation: **This isn't going to work.

**The reality: **It worked! I made an actual bag out of a sheet of paper! You may now all refer to me as the Origami Queen.

**Difficulty: **A solid 3.5 mate. If I can do it anyone can. Just takes a bit of concentration.

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