The Breaking Bad Cookies That’ll Fill That Aching Hole You’ve Had Since The Show Ended

And no, we're suggesting baking baked goods. Not meth, people


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It’s been over a year since Walter White cooked his last batch of meth and disappeared from our TV screens forever. And, if we’re honest, nothing's ever managed to fill that Breaking Bad-shaped hole in our TV schedules. Sure we’re up to our eyeballs in Game of Thrones, The Good Wife and Scandal but can anything ever really replace the TV brilliance that was Walter and Jesse.

Better Call Saul the spin off is very much in the works but until that hits our screens early next year how’s about cooking up your own batch of meth-related products? And by that we mean cookies, and absolutely not drugs. That would be a terrible idea.

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You’ve all seen those cupcakes with ‘meth’ sprinkled on the top but how about spending your weekend making these adorable Walter cookies? Here’s how.

Mr. White's Tighty Whitey Bites



For the gingerbread:

350g all-purpose flour

10ml baking powder

10ml ground ginger (or more to taste)

100g cold butter

6oz/150g light brown soft sugar

45ml golden syrup

1 medium egg

A little flour for dusting

To decorate:

White fondant icing, black fondant icing

1 medium egg white

500g confectioners’ sugar, sifted.

Green food gel colour

You will need a gingerbread man cutter


  1. Take off your good clothes. You can’t go home smelling like a bakery.

  2. Preheat the oven to 400F/200C/185C fan assisted/ gas mark 6. Grease 2 baking trays or line with baking paper.

  3. Put the flour, baking powder and ginger into a bowl and mix well. Cut the butter into the mixture in small pieces and rub into the flour mix with your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

  4. Add the sugar, syrup and egg and mix to form a dough. Put into a plastic bag and chill for half an hour.

  5. Double check you haven’t left your keys in the RV. You don’t want to know what a pain in the ass that would be.

  6. Roll out the dough on a surface lightly dusted with flour. Cut out gingerbread men with the cutter and place them on the tray. Bake for 10-12

minutes or until beginning to brown around the edges. Transfer to a rack to cool and harden.

  1. Roll out the black and the white fondant icings on a surface lightly dusted with confectioners’ sugar and cut out shapes for the gas masks and

the Y-fronts.

8 Put the egg white in a bowl and whisk lightly with a fork. Add the confectioners’ sugar little by little, beating with a wooden spoon until

the texture is of a piping consistency. Divide into three.

9 Stick the white Y-fronts onto the men with a little water. Fill a small piping bag with plain writing nozzle with white piping icing and pipe on

Y-front details.

10 Colour a second amount of icing pale green and pipe outlines of the shirt. Allow to dry. Add a few drops of water to the pale green icing to give a runny consistency and carefully spoon into the outline of the shirt, teasing it into the corners with a small brush. Allow to dry.

11 Colour the remaining icing dark green and pipe details onto the shirt. Stick the gas mask pieces to the head with a little water.

  1. Take a 45 in hand and stand, ready to take on whatever comes over that hill.

Baking Bad: Great Recipes. No Meth-In Around is out now on Orion

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