The Apps That Mean You’ll Never Have To See Your Housemates Again Now That Flappy Bird Is No More

Hiding in your room doesn't have to be boring.


by Jess Commons |
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Living in a shared house isn’t always fun. For all of those of you living in domestic bliss with best mates or boyfriends there’s probably just as many of you stuck in one of those situations where you’re basically living with a bunch of complete strangers in a new city where you know no-one.

We’ve all been there before; you’ve sussed out your housemates from afar – realised they’re a little bit weird and now find yourself making food at 11PM to avoid having to socialise in the kitchen. It’s a social minefield that’s best avoided by staying in your room at all times. Up until now, we had Flappy Bird to help us while away the long cold lonely nights spent alone in our bed - problem is we deleted it from our phone in a fit of anger. And now we can't get it back. Unless we fancy forking out $10,000. Luckily, we’ve found a few other apps that are excellent time-wasters which, under normal circumstances, we’d say avoid at all costs. But, as you’ve got time on your hands – go forth and get stuck in.

The Sims

The same game that meant you monopolized the family desktop computer when you were a teenager is also available FREE on your iPad. Uh oh indeed. The problem with this newer version though is the fact that they’ve got rid of the capability to speed up time, meaning all actions take as long as they would IRL. HOURS to be wasted watching little cartoon characters eat drink, shag and watch telly.


One of 2014’s biggest success stories in the App World (so far) – TVPlayer is the app that finally renders your living room useless in the corner of your room irrelevant. Instead of having to sitting awkwardly on the sofa and being terribly polite about channel changing, this app allows you to stream whatever’s on (Freeview) telly directly to your iPad or mobile without having to sign up for anything. (Literally watching Escape to the Country at my desk right this second.)


Being touted by some as the new Snapchat, Whisper is the social media network where people are free to broadcast their deepest darkest thoughts without risk of being identified. There’s a fair old bit of teenage rubbish on there but also some pretty interesting stuff from, “I’ve never orgasmed,’ to ‘I’m a girl that watches more porn than most guys.’ If you use your location settings you might even find some stuff out about your housemates – who knows?

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