Some Apps To Download That’ll Make You Better At Work

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Interview Prep Questions

It might look like a website designed in the late 90’s but this app is probably the most useful tool you’ll have going into an interview. Of the two interviews we’ve ever done, one resulted in us forgetting the name of our own blog and the other ended up with us claiming our only flaw was that we cared ‘too much’. Needless to say they didn’t go well. This app is basically comprised of digital flashcards of all the generic questions that get asked at interviews. It’ll feel really lame but force yourself to come up with and memorise an answer for all of them. It'll stop all those 'spur of the moment' tangents rolling around your head from becoming realities.

Foxcard Pro

Got a wallet full of business cards that you end up throwing out every time you finally get round to chucking out all your Weatherspoons receipts? Yep, really regretted losing some of those hook-ups. This app’ll scan any business card you get given and store the info on your phone. You’ll now spend a lot of time scrolling through your contacts wondering who the hell half these people are but at least you won’t lose any data. Even better, they’ve just made the pro version free for a limited time so get it now!


An oldie but a goodie for those that find getting motivated at work tough, so especially useful for those of us that have gone in at entry level and have found ourselves with a year or so of monotonous rubbish to do before any chance of a promotion. Carrot turns your to-do list into a game that’s like a pet. Basically you get rewards when you do stuff and Carrot gets mad when you don’t. Works well with our uncontrollable need to please people.


If your whole commute into work is spent trying to clear the fuzzy fusticles that have accumulated around your brain overnight which are preventing you from thinking clearly download Lumosity for some fun brain training games that’ll mean you’ll be fresh as a daisy by the time you get to work. To get the full thing it’s a stupid £10.99 a month(!) but TBH the free version works just fine for us. There’s more than enough games to keep you occupied and they’re almost as addictive as Candy Crush.


Dunno about you but we’ve currently got 102 unread emails which means there’s 102 people sitting there thinking we’re A) rude or B) lazy. In all honesty it’s a little bit of both with a dash of forgetfulness sprinkled over the top. If your work uses a Gmail account, get Boomerang. This app stops you coming off as a dick sends by sending you reminders when you don’t reply to emails. You'll grow to hate it and it's condescending ways but you'll be a better person for it.

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