7 Actually Fun Runs To Sign Up For This Year

Get serious about running and sign up to these fun (and tough) races and get training.

7 Actually Fun Runs To Sign Up For This Year

by Jess Commons |
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If you've got through January and you're kind of digging this whole running thing then why don't you think about taking your relationship with your trainers to the next level and signing up for something organised. Like a race.

OMG don't freak out. You can totally do this. There's runs for all ages, abilities and levels of seriousnesses. Hell, there's even some that you can walk. Here's a couple to choose from.

1. If you're a total beginner

Then get yourself hyped up for the Colour Run! It's only 5k, no-one takes it seriously, there's DJs and hype people and you get covered in loads of paint. Sure there's the downside of splashing out £3 a Primark for a white t-shirt (obvs) but it's a lot of fun and there's five races around the country in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Brighton and Birmingham.

More info here.

2. If you want a regular thing

Reckon you've got what it takes to get into the running game like right, now? If you're in London, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park do a 10k on the first Saturday of every month which costs £17. If you come in the first 5 over the finish line you get tickets to go up that red spirally fun thing they have at the Olympic Park. If you're really confident in your ability (and your forward planning) buy places in the next six months worth of races for £88.

More info here.

3. If you erm, like to run with animals

Yep there's runs in zoos. Because if you were able to get pissed amongst the penguins, why the hell shouldn't you be able to work out with them too? At Flamingo Land in Yorkshire there's a 10k around the park in aid of a charity that helps preserve the habitats of wild animals in Tanzania and at London's ZSL Zoo there's 10ks in both April and September.

More info on the ZSL London Zoo Stampede 10k here and more info on the FlaminGO! 10k Run here.

4. If you like to booze

Wineathlons are A Thing. They really truly are. What a time to be alive where you can do exercise and get pissed at the same time and no-one can judge you for it. There's several Wineathlons around the country based in North Conwy, Cambridge, Worcester, Yorkshire, Glasgow and Durham and they're all under 10k with 'wine-stations' every two miles with food, nibbles and wine. There's afterparties too. Obvs.

More info here.

5. If you want to get messy

Like mud, cold water and grass stains? Head out to the Rat Race Dirty Weekend for 13, 20 or 40 miles of obstacles designed to take you down. From swimming under metal grates in muddy water to clambering over hay bale mountains to balancing your way across floating planks and shimmying your way down ropes, there's enough going on to make you feel like you're in your very own personal epsiode of Total Wipeout. Also there's an afterparty and camping for those that want to stay.

More info here.

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