How Were 12 Women On A Reality Show Fooled Into Thinking They Were Competing To Marry Prince Harry?

They surrendered their phones at the beginning of filming and didn't have internet access


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There’s a new reality show coming out in the US called I Wanna Marry Harry, in which 12 American women are flown to UK to film the programme in which they believe they are about to marry Prince Harry. Yes, really. And no, it's not 1 April for another few days.

Now, how would they even think that? How though? This is how: producers brought the women to the house telling them they were going to be competing for the affections of an important man, and hired Harry lookalike

to play the part of, er, The (Royal) Bachelor.

They surrendered their phones at the beginning of filming and didn't have internet access, so they had no way of knowing if it was really Harry or not. Plus, being Americans, they weren’t previously exposed to daily images of the prince, so it’s semi-feasible that they were duped. A source tells us some of the women were skeptical from the beginning, and on trips to the local village would secretly look at newspapers to try to figure out if it was really Harry.

The object of the show, which premieres 27 May, will test the women to see if they will fall for the royal man or the real man. The producers previously made the show *Joe Millionaire, * in which the women thought they were falling for a wealthy businessman, but he turned out to be a construction worker. The woman who chose to stay with ‘Joe’ for love won a surprise $1million. They split up, but also spilt the money, which is nice.

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