11 Relatable Comic Strips That Totally Get Your Monday

Trust us on this - it's not just you that's feeling this way so totally take comfort in that. Big love

11 Relatable Comic Strips That Totally Get Your Monday

by Jess Commons |
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Are you struggling to get going this morning? We hear you sister. Whether you're recovering from a weekend of partying or you're knee deep in anxiety at the concept of having to interact with humans again, we've got a comic to suit your mood.

1. If you're struggling to get motivated.


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2. If you couldn't be arsed to put make up on.

Get more from C-Cassandra here.

3. If you're struggling to speak to people

See more from Daily Anke here.

4. If you need to remember how far you've come

*See more from Who Is Kasey *here.

5. If you're struggling with the concept of beach body ready ahead of your holiday

See more from The Pigeon Gazette here.

6. If you're not sure what your 'thing' is

See more from Lingvistov here.

7. If you're worrying about adulting

See more from Mari here.

8. If you hate talking on the phone

See more from Mr Lovenstein here.

9. If you bump into someone in the street

More from Floccinaucinihilipilification here.

10. If you want to do nothing today

  • See more from Yuudle Doodles here.*

11. Every. Damn. Day

  • More from Sarah Andersen here.*

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