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Have You Tried Cheerobics Yet? We Shake Our Pompoms With ZF London Cheerleaders

ZF London Cheerleaders

Have You Tried Cheerobics Yet? We Shake Our Pompoms With ZF London Cheerleaders

When it comes to January fitness, we're willing to give anything a go. So when an invite popped into our inboxes to get in shape with a little cheerleading, we grabbed our trainers and a set of pompoms to give it a go. A class at Soho Gyms in Waterloo is run by the UK’s National Cheerleading Champions, Zoo Fever London Cheerleaders where their class (for beginners, yes please) combines the high-impact workout of aerobics with the techniques of Cheerleading.

ZF London Cheerleaders are the British Cheerleading Association’s 2014 National Champions

The name is Cheerobics (see what they’ve done there?). The class, which originated here in London and was even featured on the infamous Dr.Oz show, is being taught across the UK, the USA, Europe and even Egypt by over 300 trained instructors. But forget about the butt-skimming hotpants and latex crop-tops, we breathed a sigh of relief to be greeted by girls - yup, and guys – dressed in T-shirts and jogging bottoms.

Our instructor was Jessica Zoo, director of Cheerobics and the ZF London Cheerleaders, who have performed for NFL events, for Man City FC, and pretty much every UK TV channel under the sun (ie: we were in good hands). We were quickly reassured that all ages and all levels of fitness can join the class because the workout is tailored depending on your skill.

Within minutes, Jessica had our bodies popping with a cheer-inspired routine, which we learnt to the exhilarating sounds of Taylor Swift, and along with her words ringing in our ears that ‘Cheerobics is great for toning up AND having fun’, we persevered. An hour down, our arms were pumping with adrenalin and all that pompom shaking had left the room feeling seriously merry.

Cheerobics classes were started by ZF London Cheerleaders

Want in? Our sweaty first attempt was FAR too embarrassing to capture on camera, but you can watch the ZF London Cheerleaders in action above. Then get to Soho Gyms in Waterloo to see what all the fuss is about for yourselves.

Classes cost £8.00 per session, or £4.00 for members. To book the class, visit and for more info about Cheerobics, check out