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Reduce Calorie Intake To Just 1,800 Say New Guidelines

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Can barely do up your trousers? Contemplating that second row of chocs? We've got some bad news...

Public Health England (PHE) are set to release new guidelines next year advising adults to cut their calorie consumption to just 1,800 per day. That means 200 calories less for women and 700 less for men (current figures stand at 2,000 and 2,500 per day, respectively).

In a surprising step, PHE have said that calorie intake should be the same for both men and women and that breakfast should not be the biggest meal of the day. In fact, it should take up just 400 calories of the day's overall consumption, with lunch and dinner making up 600 calories each, and snacks coming in at 200.

What sorts of things should you now be looking to eat? Fish, chicken, veg.

Yup that's right: bye-bye takeaways...

'We can no longer hide behind the charade that having a takeaway or eating out is merely a treat,' a PHE spokesperson told The Daily Mail. 'Adults consume 200 to 300 excess calories each day and this calorie creep is contributing to weight gain and other serious health conditions. This is why we’re working with high street chains to offer healthier options through our reduction programmes and new One You nutritional campaign.'

Celery anyone?

Naaah... we're sticking to the chocolate money, at least until New Year when these suggestions become 'official'.

Go on, pass the Quality Street, it's still Christmas... Right?