Learn How To Listen To Your Intuition In 3 Steps


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It's often hard to know if you have made the right decision until it’s too late to turn back. However, without some kind of intuitive superpower, how are we supposed to know if the choices we are currently making are going to serve us well in the future?

We make choices every day and obviously some of these choices have much more significance than others. Some of these decisions will be easy to make whereas some will require some serious contemplation before a final choice is settled upon.

Some of us are simply more decisive than others, but regardless of this fact, we all have our own intuition. When it comes to decision making your intuition is the voice that you will want to listen to. This is the voice that will guide you away from negative choices and down the path that you truly want to walk.

Although we all have intuition, we can often lose touch with it and then find it much more difficult to make sensible choices. This can happen as a result of persistently ignoring this voice and not heeding the guidance that it offers you. If you have lost touch with your intuition then the following tips can help you to reconnect.

Conquer self-doubt

Our intuitive voice can often be drowned out the louder, more discouraging voice of of the inner critic. Your inner critic thrives on making you feel as though you are not good enough and as though you are not capable of reaching your goals.

If you spend enough time listening to your inner critic then of course you are eventually going to be unable to hear the voice of your intuition. Having faith in your abilities and making an effort to silence your inner critic will ensure that your intuition has more of a chance to shine through.

Evaluate your emotions

Deep down we all have very concrete feelings towards most things but these feelings can often take a while to completely come to the surface. When something happens during your day you might not have the time to spend understanding how this thing has really made you feel. This is where meditation can be especially useful.

A short period of time spent in meditation each evening can be incredibly useful for processing incidents from the day you have just lived. This will help you to understand your genuine feelings about the things that arose during this day. This act will also invite your intuitive voice to come to the surface and stay there.

Listen to your dreams

Your dreams can tell you a lot about the things that you desire and they can also teach you a lot about yourself. Making an effort to remember your dreams in the morning and then writing them down can actually be quite a useful act.

You may not have the time to spend pondering your dreams in the mornings, but coming back to them later can really help you to evaluate the things that are on your mind. This is helpful when it comes to reconnecting with your intuition because your dreams are honest and genuine reflections of your life and yourself.

The stronger the bond between you and your intuition becomes, the easier it will be to call upon it when you need guidance. You will also notice that you are less inclined to begin to panic when you have to make a difficult decision. This is because you will feel much more equipped to deal with the situation at hand.

Committing to reconnecting with your intuition is also making a commitment to put your future happiness first. As you become better able to deal with the curve balls that life throws at you, you will spend less time worrying and more time enjoying life.

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