Treat Yourself With Some Healthy Post-Marathon Puddings

Reward Yourself With Our 5 Healthy Post-Marathon Treats


by Daniela Morosini |
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If you're running the marathon this weekend, chances are your body is one heck of a temple right now. Training for a marathon involves forgoing alcohol for one, but also cutting out any processed junk from your diet to ensure you're firing on all cylinders. So after you cross that finish line on Sunday, you'll be wanting to treat yourself a little.

While we can understand your desire to dive head-first into a full Sunday roast (with all the trimmings, crumble for afters and a glass of wine, thank you), proceed with caution - nutritionist Lovisa Nilsson from the health and fitness app Lifesum warned us, "After a marathon, your body is weak and craving an energy boost so a sports drink will be a great option to replenish the electrolytes lost during the run. Additionally, it is important to eat a snack such as a pretzel, banana or orange juice to revive your blood sugar level. But, it is advisable to limit your alcohol intake right after the race no matter how tempted you are to celebrate your victory, as alcohol causes dehydration – something that you definitely do not want to experience right after such an intensive workout. Also, avoid a big meal right after the race as your stomach might not be ready to handle anything heavy for a few hours."

So while the full-on fiesta might have to wait, we've rounded up some truly delicious recipes you can head for after your victory that won't ruin your healthy streak. We looked to our favourite foodie Instagrammers to get some sweet treat inspiration to properly congratulate yourself after all that hard work, and the good news is there's pancakes, brownies and muffins galore. The even better news is that all our offerings are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, meaning your post-marathon indulgence can be rather saintly after all. Go on - you've earned it.


Post Marathon Treats

Deliciously Ella1 of 5

Deliciously Ella

These coconut and cacao balls look simply scrumptious - we're sure one wouldn't be enough. They're bursting with protein as well to help your muscles recover - read the recipe at:

Eat Cook Smile2 of 5

Eat Cook Smile

A mouth-watering bowl of protein and fibre-rich yumminess, you can make this at home by adding protein powder to your porridge and topping with berries and almond butter. Delish

Hungry Happens3 of 5

Hungry Happens

For those with a sweet tooth, these indulgent flourless brownie muffins are for you. Without bloating gluten and only natural sugars, they're the perfect thing to treat yourself with after some serious exertion. Read the recipe at:

Naturally Sassy4 of 5

Naturally Sassy

These gluten and sugar free pancakes are loaded with fresh fruit, almond butter and other yumminess, and pack a serious fibre punch. We're drooling. See the recipe:

Honestly Healthy5 of 5

Honestly Healthy

We are OBSESSED with these refined sugar-free 'Magnums', complete with date caramel. They're dairy-free and too good to miss. See Natasha's recipe here:

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