Model Ruth Crilly’s Tips On How To Have Healthy Skin And Hair

Model Ruth Crilly's Tips On How To Have Healthy Skin And Hair


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SORTEDfood is a cooking blog with more online hits than Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay and has over 1 million subscribers. We caught up with one of the founders, Jamie Spafford to get the scoop on how we can eat ourselves healthy.

The brainchild of a group of school friends - Ben Ebbrell, Mike Huttlestone, Barry Taylor and Jamie Spafford - SORTEDfood has grown to such scale that even stars such as Paloma Faith, Tom Daley, Will Young and Matt Lucas have all featured in videos with the boys.

They have enjoyed eighty nine million views on YouTube since the channel launched in 2010 and across the globe12,000 hours a day are spent watching SORTEDfood videos{ =nofollow}.

This week the boys decided to team up with fashion vloggerand gorgeous model Ruth Crilly, to film a video with a focus on healthy recipes. Founder Jamie Spafford tells us, "Ruth had some fantastic tips to give you healthy skin and hair. She recommends eating lots of avocado, spicy homemade curry but above all remain hydrated and drink plenty of water all the time!"

Ruth Crilly and the SORTED boys
Ruth Crilly and the SORTED boys


Sleepy: Chamomile Jasmine Rice with Salmon.

Jamie tells us, "One of our followers asked what they should eat to help them sleep better at night. We came up with this light meal which would help".

Craving fruit and vegetables: 'Eat The Rainbow!'

Jamie tells us, "We came up with 3 meals to pack your day full of fruit and vegetables. Start your day of with our Melon and Raspberry Smoothie, move onto our Rainbow Salad for lunch and end with our Kale and Lentil Stew with a little meat on the side."

** Have the flu:** Spicy Squash Satay

Jamie says, "if you have been suffering with cold and flu then try eating spicy dishes crammed to the brim with nutritious vegetables."

** Exhausted:** Fruit and Nut Snacks.

Jamie tells us, "If you are felling tired and need energising we came up with recipes for fruit and nut snacks that will level out your blood sugar rather than give you peaks and troughs"

Hungry for more? You can get more food inspiration from SORTEDfood; check out their blog, or learn how to make the recipes yourself by watching their videos - they are sure to get your taste buds tingling.

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