VIDEO: Tips For Keeping Your Beauty Confidence During Cancer Treatment With Macmillan Cancer Support

VIDEO: Tips For Keeping Your Beauty Confidence During Cancer Treatment


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Last week we introduced you to our partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support - throughout the month we will be bringing you a series of four videos with plenty of useful tips for helping someone through cancer.

The video above is focused on the importance of beauty confidence, with lots of helpful tips from Macmillan and Boots. We meet Emma who has gone through treatment for breast cancer and explains how it changed her beauty regime.

She says: "It was hard loosing my hair but I have to say loosing my eyebrows was probably harder. Because when you've got nothing, you are like a blank canvas and there is no definition. I struggled with my eyebrows the most."

Emma adds: "It was really important for me to continue using makeup, because everything else was falling apart and feeling less and less like a woman. I think it's really important to feel vaguely glamorous. Even when you look in the mirror, it's important to feel good."

The video above is packed with informative beauty tips for those receiving cancer treatment, from drawing on eyebrows to colours to try for a change in skin tone. For more beauty tips, Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisors are trained to help to manage the visible side effects of treatment.

For more advice for helping someone through cancer visit The Source, a website launched by Macmillan Cancer Support filled with tips from the people who have been there too.

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