The 9to5 Foodie’s Guide To Health And Wellness: Kefir


by Lucie Lemay |
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What is kefir?

Put simply, kefir is a milky beverage similar to drinking yogurt. As with most ‘health trends’, kefir isn’t a new one, originating from Turkey, and derived from the Turkish term for ‘feel good’.

If you’ve already read our article on Gut Health then you will know that when it comes to wellbeing, it’s all about the gut. The stresses of day to day life, coupled with the damaging impact of processed foods and sugars, means your gut is usually in a far from ideal state.

Probiotics and ‘good’ bacteria help to replenish and repair your gut lining which can improve your digestion, your immune system and even your mood. Which is where kefir comes in.

The grain contains around 30 different types of bacteria and yeasts, making it a potent probiotic and unsurprisingly, a big player in improving your digestive system.

Is Kefir worth the hype?

Some would argue that yogurt and kefir do the same thing, both are cultured milk products, so why would you splash out on a kefir drink when a good old pot of natural yogurt would do the job?

With kefir, it’s the mixture of the yeast and probiotic bacteria that makes it special and makes the perfect environment in your stomach for the foundations of friendly bacteria to flourish. Put simply, not only is kefir replenishing the good bacteria, but it’s also creating a welcoming home for it to live in.

Kefir is also full of calcium and magnesium, which is renowned to help relax you and induce sleep, making this a great alternative to a glass of warm milk before bed!

Should I start eating kefir?

Kefir really is the gut healing and nutritional powerhouse that it claims to be and is a great addition to your diet. As with all probiotics and fermented foods, a little bit goes a long way. Even adding a few grains to your morning smoothie will be enough for you to start reaping the benefits of kefir. There’s also a range of dairy free kefir products made with coconut water that provide similar benefits, allowing it to work alongside a dairy-free diet too.

The Verdict on Kefir

Another tummy loving tonic to add to your shopping cart – kefir is a fact!

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