10 Hot Healthy Ways To… Build A Better Bottom

10 Hot Healthy Ways To... Build A Better Booty

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********Somewhere between P-Middy and Kimmy K a firmer, perkier bottom became top of our gym agenda – butt (ahem) how to actually achieve the derriere of our dreams still feels like a mystery. We quizzed Steve Mellor, head of personal training and nutrition at Freedom2Train about exactly how to improve our behinds. ** **

**1. Is it true that our bottom shape comes down to genetic predisposition? **

In a lot of ways yes, but it’s also true that every single body, no matter what its type, can be improved on. If you are prepared to work on it you can absolutely change it.

**2. What gym classes are most beneficial for our bottoms? **

Look for classes or exercises that involve squats, lunges, deadlifts, sprints and also the kicking motion (i.e. kick boxing).

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**3. Is it true that squatting is great for the butt? **

Very, but only if you’re able to squat with your hips lower than your knees as this is the movement that hit the glutes (the bottom muscles). This can be tough for most people as flexibility and strength determine your squat depth. Many beginners can only manage half squats, which target the quads. Instead they should focus on lunges and step-ups and try squatting against a wall to deepen their squats.

**4. If you only do one bottom exercise each morning what should it be? **

Bulgarian Split Squats (BSS) are great for beginners who struggle with the range of motion required for normal squatting. It’s similar to a static lunge but your rear foot is elevated (the higher, the harder it is) as you bend your front leg until your knee is at a right angle. The more advanced can concentrate on deep squats.

5. Are there any exercise types that aren’t all that great at boosting our bottoms?

Many people think pilates is good for the derriere, but although it’s a great addition to an exercise programme, it’s not the best way to reshape your bottom if it’s the only workout you do.


**6. What can you do to add curves to a flat bottom? **

Lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, sprints, squats - always squats - and squat variations such as the split, sumo or Bulgarian will all make for a healthy bottom. Simple yoga exercises such as the lizard pose, pigeon pose and inchworms should be part of your warm up to improve the mobility of your hips so that you can target the glutes more easily during your workout.

**7. And to streamline a curvy bottom? **

This is most affected by weight loss rather than muscles atrophy (where your muscles breakdown), so cardio is your best bet!

8. Or to lift a sagging bottom?

Practice the same exercises you would to target a flat bottom but add in extra glute bridges (1) and banded walks (2) to fire up the glutes first.

  1. Lie on the floor with your legs bent up, then, with your shoulders remaining on the floor and arms by your side, raise your bottom and hips off the ground and hold before repeating.

  2. Standing with your feet slightly apart, secure a wide resistance gym band around your calves and walk to the side (like a crab) while working against the resistance of the band.


**9. Is there anything we can do about cellulite? **

Yo-yo dieting is the biggest cause, but not doing enough resistance work contributes too. Don’t be afraid to lift weights, girls! Cellulite can also be reduced with weight loss, specifically through practicing high intensity interval training (HIIT).

10. Is there anything we can do to improve our bottoms while sitting at our desks – sorry, we had to ask!

Nothing that will make a huge difference: you need to commit to working out. The best thing that you can do is make sure that your seat is higher than you think (bums higher than your knees), otherwise your hamstrings will be getting shorter with every minute you spend at your desk, which isn't good for flexibility and subsequently your squat depth.

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