Forget Coconut Water: Why We’ll All Be Drinking Water From Birch Trees This Summer

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When is water not water? Why,when it's water flavoured with birch tree sap, of course! Birch Tree Water from company Sibberi is a new natural and unsweetened water which contains pure birch sap collected fresh from silver birch trees. Billed as a 'de-toxing pick me up' and 'weight loss aid', it's being hailed as the drink for Summer '15.

Sibberi Birch Tree Water
Sibberi Birch Tree Water

Long favoured across Nordic folk cultures as a spring tonic to rejuvenate the body and soul after a long, harsh winter, Birch Water tastes a little sweet (similar to coconut water) and is delicious ice cold. A rare and prized ingredient, birch sap can only be harvested during the first two weeks of April, when the nutrients stored in the roots travel through the thawing tree to swell the buds to bloom.

Birch Trees Being Harvested

Birch Water also has an ever-expanding list of health and beauty benefits and boasts a rich nutritional profile, with high levels of electrolytes, potassium as well as vitamins B and C. It also contains Saponin, great for lowering cholesterol level, as well as Betuloside, which not only acts as a diuretic and detoxifying aid but helps flush out toxins from your body.

Whether Birch Water catches on in the UK remains to be seen, but with a thirst for alternative waters, Britons seem to be lapping up the latest products in the alternative water market: coconut water sales have increased to £100m annually whilst maple water and even cactus and artichoke waters steadily grow in popularity.

Available to buy it in the UK, click here now for details.

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