Fitness Trends To Have On Your Radar For 2018

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‘Get fit’ might still be one of the most common new year resolutions, but as the end of January gets closer, some of us are struggling to find any motivation for the gym. To help reignite your enthusiasm, we’ve rounded up the top fitness trends for the year ahead…


Fitness Trends 2018 - Grazia

Find Your Centre
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With selfcare becoming the buzzword of 2018 it's no surprise that it's having an impact on our workouts. While 2017 might have been about mindfulness and meditation, this year it's very much about embracing your chakras and ensuring your energy is flowing freely. Gymbox is tapping into the trend with its new Chakralise, which blends yoga practice with spiritual teachings. 'The chakra system allows me to use visualisation techniques, music and colours to give the students a mindful practice that focuses or the internal and external systems,' explains yoga teacher, Fleur Mondanipoor. 'It is a physical class, but it also helps heal emotional issues though meditation and mindfulness.' It's safe to say yoga is going back to its roots and we're all going to benefit.

Punch It Out
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While the likes of Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid might have put boxing on our radar a few years ago, the craze isn't showing any signs of slowing. What is changing is our approach to the classes. 'I'm finding that women want to learn a new skill, as much as improve their fitness levels and get in shape,' explains Miranda Hart, a trainer at Kobox Boxing Club. Our newfound love for boxing has also impacted in the type of results we want from a class. 'Women are starting to pull away from the booty-building-Kim-K-craze and look towards a more athletic ideal,' says Hart. 'It's not about having a big butt and a skinny waist now, it's about having an athletic physique and an athletic mindset.' To master the technique and improve your coordination, as well as improve your fitness, it's worth seeking out your local club. If you're London-based, definitely check out Kobox.

Lift for leanness
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A few years ago we might have been vehemently against weight lifting for fear of bulking up, but with the help of Instagram and fitness trainers such as @bicepsandbronzer and the hashtag #girlswholift, our opinion has changed. More and more women's weightlifting classes are popping up. 'Weightlifting is your best friend when it comes to fat loss,' says Laura Hoggins, fitness coach at ONE LDN. 'It has the power to significantly improve your body composition as weightlifting increases lean muscle mass, resulting in that tight, toned physique you have been working for.' The trick is to start with the lighter weights, little and often, before building up. You'll also benefit from improved posture and increased metabolism.

Reach New Heights
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It might have been an activity you did during those long summer holidays, but indoor climbing has become a fully-fledged fitness trend. Bouldering, aka climbing centres are cropping up across the UK and for good reason. 'Bouldering is exploding in popularity because it is a fun and rewarding way to get fit and healthy', says Jamie from The Arch Climbing Wall. 'It works on two levels as a full body workout and a stimulating mental challenge.' Don't be fooled though, even if you only climb for 30 to 40 minutes you can expect to feel the ache the next day. Some of the best indoor climbing centres include The Arch Climbing Wall in London, Bloc Climbing in Bristol and Rock Over Climbing in Manchester.

Order A PT
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It's the equivalent of Uber but for fitness and TruBe has revolutionised how we work out. It launched last year in London and there are plans to roll it out across key cities in the UK. The idea is simple, when you want to workout you book a trainer depending on your time and location. It's not restricted to traditional personal trainers too, yoga instructors and boxing experts are also available. What more could you want?

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