What Gets You Going? Here’s The Easy Way To Get Yourself Going And Get Active

When it comes to making changes, especially a lifestyle change, there’s always a story.


by Sam Dring |
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The story of WHY! The really good reason behind why you want to get active is powerful stuff. It motivates you. It’s the inspiration behind the perspiration. The promise you make to yourself. Your pledge to get active, to make a change. That’s what laces up trainers on wet, chilly mornings. Puts an apple in the lunch bag instead of cookies. Switches off the laptop, switches on a mindfulness podcast and reaches for a journal.


Staying active, eating well, getting quality sleep and managing stress can have a huge impact on our health. But it all starts with making that important decision to change.

Perhaps a ‘big number’ birthday is looming, maybe there’s a beach holiday on the horizon, or a health check has given you a wake up call. Whatever the story behind your desire to become more active, when you improve your health, there are only benefits. Honestly, there is not a single negative to becoming healthier. Not one. Health and happiness go hand in hand. And it can be way easier than you believe!

So think about why you really want to be more active. Find the story behind your change! Because when you truly understand what gets you going…you’ll really get going!

Now you know WHY, here’s how..

Check In

First things first - a health review can help you understand your current state of health and fitness. Think of this as your starting point. The Vitality members programme gives you access to an online health review as well a health check to help you know your numbers. With stats and tips, from here you can work out which areas you want to improve and set goals that will work for you. With a focus on boosting the most important aspects of your health, you’ll be set to succeed.


Get Kitted Out

Make sure your kit bag includes gear you feel good in, a water bottle to stay hydrated, and healthy snacks to fuel you up. The right equipment will have you raring to go. And nothing motivates, or feels better than a new pair of trainers. Vitality have teamed up with Runners Need, to give you up to 50% off a pair of running shoes each year, as well as other super offers. Spoil yourself! We’ve all heard the mantra ‘dress for the job you want’, so why not ‘dress for the bod you want’.

Get Going

A walk, or a run are easy to fit into a busy day, just being out in nature is proven to be great for mental health too. A double wellness whammy! But to be honest, you don’t need to leave the house to get in shape. Let the workout come to you! Sounds a bit lazy, but my word it’ll be anything but if you go Peloton. They offer a whole range of instructor-led sessions and classes, both live and on demand! As a Vitality member you can enjoy cashback on a Peloton Bike or Tread.

Changing up your routine and activities will beat boredom. Remember, you don’t have to get active alone, be social, getting fit should be fun. Take a dance class with a friend. Join a sports team. Being part of the squad can increase your commitment level and keep you on track too. Now, it goes without saying that the gym is a great place to get active. With so many exercise and wellbeing options there’s bound to be one you’ll love. Plus they can even create the perfect personalised plan for you. Because Vitality believes in encouraging members to live healthier lifestyles you’ll get up to half price gym memberships at either Virgin Active, Nuffield Health and PureGym too with qualifying health and life insurance plans*. If you want to go all out, sign up with a PT, they’ll push you and keep your positivity peaked.


Stay On Track

Incrementals are not incidental! Little improvements and wins are worth celebrating, so track your journey to see how far you’ve come. Steps, calories, heart rate, fitness levels - track them all with a fitness tracker and admire your progress. With up to 40% off brands including Apple, Garmin, Fitbit and Polar you’ll be on track with Vitality.

Be grateful every time you get a step closer to your goal. Remember that “I’ve come so far.” feels better than “There’s still so far to go.” An attitude of gratitude will give you a glow without you even breaking a sweat. By making a change that benefits your health, you are doing something amazing for yourself, and your future. So get going!

*Visit vitality.co.uk/rewards/for terms and conditions.

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