Cooking For A Big Family Gathering? Watch The Chiappa Sisters make The Ultimate Feed-A-Crowd Food Pizza Al Taglio

Want To Learn How To Make Pizza - And Properly? The Chiappa Sisters Will Show YOu How


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Grazia's food columnists Michaela, Emanuela and Romina Chiappa are three sisters who have become foodie sensations, their many thousands of fans loving their fun, modern - and deeply delicious - way with food. Jamie Oliver is a huge fan, their first book, Simply Italian was a bestseller and their You Tube channel{ =nofollow}has doubled the numbers of viewers in recent months. Their regular column Dish Dilemmas features not just Italian food, but recipes from all over, and it’s aimed at solving real life dilemmas in the kitchen. Whether you need help with cooking a meal to impress your boyfriend’s parents you’re meeting for the first time, or if you’ve been racking your brains about what to cook for friends, the Chiappas can help.

The Chiappa Sisters

This week they’re showing us how to make a true Chiappa family classic, Pizza Al Taglio – the ultimate feed-a-crowd dish and perfect for those occasions when you’ve got hundreds of guests of all ages coming over and you’re agonizing over what to cook that will please everyone. Simply follow this recipe below then let your guests add their own toppings. And don’t be put off by the making your own dough part - contrary to what you might think, pizza dough is easy to make, hard to mess up and delicious when it’s fresh – the secret is to give the dough a good knead. Simples! The recipe is featured in this week's Grazia. Watch the video above to see them in action. Catch the Chiappas at

The Chiappa Sisters Pizza Al Taglio

**And don’t forget to tell the Chiappas your own foodie dilemmas! From what to feed your picky no gluten/no dairy dinner date to a cheats way to impress the in-laws and how to cook a delicious 5 minute pasta sauce midweek using only store cupboard ingredients, their regular Grazia column is all about solving daily kitchen conundrums, and they want to hear from you! Tweet with your foodie questions using the hashtag #Graziadishdilemmas to both@grazia_live **@thechiappas

The Chiappa Sisters Pizza Al Taglio
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