7 Benefits Of Coffee Which Will Make You Want To Trade Yours In For A Venti

Coffee Benefits

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We all know one. An oh-so smug I-don't-need-caffiene-I-woke-up-like-this superhuman, who credits their unnatural morning energy to religious 8 hour sleeps (what are those?) and breezy, easy morning strolls. The ones who can seemingly roll out of bed and into a burpee squat jump quicker than I can shout 'expresso'. And without sipping one too.

They also manage to bypass artisan coffee stalls without hesitation and didn't go in to utter meltdown when they read 'Coffee May Be Extinct by 2080' and/or proceed to tag all their friends with an array of cry face emojis.

But, you have the upper hand, as it turns out that the humble coffee bean is actually a whole latte good for you. Which is a relief, especially as 55 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the UK. (I probably contribute 35% of that statistic).

Coffee Benefits

Here are 7 benefits of that cup of Joe, that will make you want to trade yours in for a venti. Then upload a picture of your vanilla latte with the hashtag #humblebrag...

1. Drinking coffee can make you run for longer on the treadmill

The gym and coffee are often juxtoposition, but are actually better suited than first assumed. Like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik if you will.

The British Coffee Association explains, 'there is strong scientific evidence which shows coffee can improve physical performance during endurance exercise. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recognised that a cause and effect relationship has been established for caffeine intake and increased endurance performance and endurance capacity and a reduction in perceived exertion.'

Maybe don't opt for the triple chocolate frappicino right before a spin class though.

2. Just SMELLING coffee can make you feel more awake

Your morning staple just became easier. Too easy perhaps. Research shows that inhaling the aroma of coffee can alter your brain activity and make you feel less sleep-deprived. Warning: may get you odd looks in Costa.

3. Coffee can help you live longer

A mighty claim, yet a study showed how three to five cups a day can lessen the likelihood of dying early from heart disease, neurological conditions (such as Parkinson's disease) and type 2 diabetes. It definitely deserves the same celebrated status as kale and turmeric for its miracle health-healing powers, that's for sure.

4. Drinking coffee can help speed up your metabolism

Early research shows that coffee can help speed up your metabolism especially if you are overweight. The same study also concluded that...

5. Drinking coffee can help burn fat

Yep, those classed as having a normal weight showed increased signs of fat oxidation (aka fat burning) 3 hours after caffeine consumption. It would explain why coffee extract is used in many fat-burners on the market. Of course, it goes without saying, drinking endless flat whites can't undo a poor diet. If only.

Coffee Benefits

6. Drinking coffee can make you happy

We are true advocates of anything that makes us happier, especially when it doesn't involve blowing half of our months wage to do so (note: Zara splurges and booking trips to Copenhagen). The same study also found that diet, sweetened drinks have the opposite effect and can make you a bigger risk of depression. So swap that Diet Coke for a latte and your mental health will thank you.

7. Coffee can help you get a promotion

Not just a pretty face. Yes coffee helps you feel more awake in the morning, but it can also help up the ante with mental alertness and boosting your concentration levels. This means flying through your emails even when it's 4pm and someone in the office is passing around pictures of their Bichon Frise puppy.


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