From Victoria’s Secret To Ballet Beautiful: The Best YouTube Workouts To Do At Home

The Best YouTube Workouts - No Gym Required!

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by Daniela Morosini |
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January is more often than not a month when your wallet is lean and you ain't. Whether your New Year's Resolution was to get more active, but your bank balance isn't lending itself to a gym membership or you just prefer to do things in the comfort of your own home, YouTube has got your back.

We could all benefit from getting our heart rates up a little more - regardless of shedding Christmas pudding poundage, exercise helps you sleep better, makes your skin clearer, keeps your heart healthy...this list goes on. Plus, you never regret a workout after you do it! With this in mind, here are our top five YouTube workouts you can do at home, free of charge.

1. The Victoria's Secret Angel Workout.

Not exactly a wild card option, but we're sure we've heard girls whisper 'Candice Swanepoel' under their breath as they do lunges in the weights area. These low-impact exercises are great for toning up your rear end and need very little equipment.

2. David Kirsch's Sculpting Workout For Shoulders And Arms

There's no two ways about it, David Kirsch (celebrity trainer extraordinaire) is a liiiittle fierce in this video. But if you feel you respond well military-style instruction, this video is great for a quick workout to help build tone and strengthen your upper body.

3. Natalie Jill's Chair Workout For Legs

No equipment? No problem! You probably own a chair, so can get on board with this leg-toning workout that helps you strengthen those pins from the comfort of your living room. Also, look. At. Her. Abs.

4. Ballet Beautiful With Mary Helen Bowers

Half of Hollywood has Mary on speed dial, and for good reason: her ballet-inspired workouts are perfect for creating a long, lean, sculpted body. Her classes have a waiting list as long as her (well-toned) arm, so skip the queue with this whole-body video.

5. Nina Dobrev's Core Workout

We love an A-list endorsed workout. Here, Nina Dobrev and Zoe Saldana's trainer, Steve Moyer, shows how to target the abs. A bete noire for many women, see your tummy toned with this sit-up free routine. And Steve's pretty easy on the eyes...

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