The 5 Best Wellness Apps To Download Today

The 5 Best Wellness & Health Downloads


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We live in a truly digital age. When you can now order a taxi (Hailo), restaurant food (Deliveroo) and even a boyfriend (on Tinder, kind of) from your phone, why shouldn't you give your workout a tech makeover too? Plus, as our 9-5 becomes more like a 8-'til-whenever-you've-battled-your-inbox, none of us have time to trawl the internet and magazines to bookmark workouts and recipe ideas. With this in mind, we've rounded up the five best wellness downloads that can be yours at the tap of a button, and have the power to get you feeling cleaner and leaner in no time.

Gone are the days of outdated pedometers and calorie-counting crunchers - the new breed of wellness downloads take a much more holistic approach, with healthy, mood-boosting recipes, tailored exercise plans and tips on mindfulness and meditation. We all know you can't have a strong body without a strong mind, and these apps are all designed to get you feeling happy and healthy in yourself, and listening to your body rather than bulldozing you into doing a thousand crunches.

That being said, you can still expect some seriously transformative results from these downloads - Joe Wicks', aka The Body Coach's, website is full of before and after snaps of clients who've seriously toned up under his ninety day plan, while devotees of clean-eating evangelist Deliciously Ella report clearer skin, boosted moods and trimmer waistlines after following her recipes. Click through the gallery to see our top five picks to download today - a new you is just a click away.


Best Wellness Apps

Deliciously Ella, £2.99, available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad
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Beautifully presented and chock-full of mouthwatering recipes, Ella Woodward's app is a must-have for anyone looking to overhaul their diet. Ella was diagnosed with a serious and dehabiliting illness years ago, and when she changed her diet to remove sugar, dairy and gluten, she was transformed back into a healthy person again. Total food porn.

The Body Coach Plan, £147.00 for 90 days, available at
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This is a total body overhaul. Joe's plan includes workouts and meal plans, and is designed to bust bingo wings, trim tummies and tone legs. It's hardcore, but achievable - just look at some of the transformations on Joe's site.

Project Bikini by Get The Gloss, £14,95, available at
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A holistic ebook that tackles everything from low moods to feeling sluggish, the plan helps even total beginners feel comfortable exercising and is full of short, simple but totally effective workouts that slot into your everyday routine. With fitness and nutrition experts on board, the plan is a one-way ticket to feeling hot, happy and healthy.

Pocket Yoga App, £2.29, available on Apple, Android and Windows devices. Picture via @AlessandraAmbrosio
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Whether you're a total beginner or a yoga pro, this handy app will let you practice the ancient art anywhere and everywhere. With an on screen coach to guide you through the poses and the choice between short bursts and full classes, this app can make yoga fit your daily routine. Namaste, ladies.

Lifesum, available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Free download with in-app purchases.
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Straight from the land of good health, Sweden, Lifesum puts you on a plan of your choice: lose weight, build muscle, or be healthier. It tracks your calories consumed, as well as the amount of protein, fat and carbs and keeps an eye on how much you burn off. With handy hints and tips along the way, the app gives you a 360 view of where your health is at, and how it can improve.

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