Bella Hadid Reveals Her #1 Trick To Falling Asleep

Bella Hadid’s guide to getting enough shut-eye...

bella hadid

by Emma Firth |

It’s 2am. Your brain is carefully clocking all the things you Must Do tomorrow morning. You know you need to get up in five hours and yet, try as you might, snoozing is sadly not a viable option. Cheers, brain.

Thankfully, Bella Hadid, The Princess of Paris Fashion Week, has enlightened us all with her genius hack to getting enough beauty sleep each night.

‘I recently started listening to meditation music which makes me have a deeper sleep, even if I just have four hours,’ the supermodel told Teen Vogue. ‘I’m usually out by the fourth song.’

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Her go-to soundtrack? 50 Best Mediation Songs, which you can download on iTunes for just £7.99 (even the song titles - ‘Rainbow Glimmer’, ‘Midnight Moon’ et al – are super-peaceful){:rel=nofollow}.

Time to give your playlist a refresh? Well, if it works for Bella…

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