A Barrecore Exclusive: How To Tone Your Abs With At-Home Exercises

#FitFriday: An Exclusive Tummy-Toning Workout With Barrecore


by Grazia |

Boy, do we have a treat for you. Our pals over at adidas have managed to get every single one of you a free, that's right, FREE, membership to exclusive A-List-favourite workout class, Barrecore. The ballet-based workout that's honed the bodies of Rita Ora and Jourdan Dunn has swept Mayfair and Chelsea by storm (and not to mention, helped the well-heeled SW-ers burn some serious cash in membership), and is now for one month only, available for free with Grazia Daily. Every week for all of March, we'll be bringing you #FitFriday, with an exclusive, made-for-Grazia-Daily workout video, with some handy tips on how to master the move.

This week, it's the ab-toning wonder of the side plank with a twist. Barrecore founder, Niki Rein, gave us the following instructions: "Bring elbow under the shoulder keeping arm at a 45 degree angle, face side and lift hips off the floor. Bend top leg bring foot to knee and take top arm behind the head. Twist arm down and underneath keeping the hips and legs perfectly still. Repeat 3- times. A perfect workout for your waistline and well as strengthening the shoulders." Feel. The. Burn.

None of this would be possible were it not for adidas's #workit campaign - it's a booty-lifting, tummy-toning bonanza that brings you closer to the stars' favourite workouts to celebrate their new, and totally drool-worthy, SS15 range. Head over to their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@adidasuk) for even more workout tips and videos, and shop the range on the adidas site. Plus, check back next week for more exclusive Barrecore moves...

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