5 Things We Learned At Body Camp Ibiza

Body Camp Ibiza

by Grazia |

Think Ibiza and you probably picture all-nighters rather than wellness retreats – but The Body Camp is about to change all of that. With celebrity fans including everyone from Millie Mackintosh and Caroline Flack, to Melanie C and Henry Holland, it’s fast becoming the island’s most buzzed about destination. Here’s what we learned during our week-long stay…

A plant based diet doesn’t have to be boring

Ever looked at Beyonce and thought, ‘I could be vegan if only I had my own private chef’? Well, here’s your chance. At the body camp, Nutritional Head Chef Benjamin Whale prepares an 80% plant based diet that looks as delicious as it tastes – despite being gluten and refined sugar free. His right-hand man, Sarmado Sibley, has trained in Michelin starred kitchens, and even offered us cookery lessons so that we could make his famous cashew sour cream at home. In order to encourage mindful eating (and good chat with fellow guests) phones are banned at the table – the exception being at the very start of mealtimes when we couldn’t resist photographing their Insta-worthy creations.

It’s not all about losing weight

While a stay at the camp is the perfect way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, it’s not about calorie counting or crash dieting. Instead of offering a traditional bootcamp, the team take a holistic approach aimed towards lasting change. Of course, portion control is an important part of that transformation, so guests are asked to whether they want to ‘lose’ or ‘maintain’ weight, and are catered to accordingly. Because the food is so nutritious, we didn’t feel as if we were going without, and each day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner are supplemented with two tasty (and healthy) snacks.

Exercise can be fun (honest)

If you dread the treadmill as much as us, a fitness retreat might not sound up your street. Fortunately, The Body Camp have designed a programme so fun that you’ll be liable to forget you're exercising. From Cliffside hikes to sea swims, beach games, dance classes and boxing (to the tune of 80s power ballads, natch) there’s something for everyone. At the end of the week guests are offered optional full composition body stats to marvel at their progress.

A healthy mind is a healthy body

Alongside an enriching diet and daily activities, the camp offers workshops in lifestyle coaching, goal setting and mind-mapping. World renowned experts – including osteopath extraordinaire Ranjith Chambers and yoga teacher Isabel Manso – are regular visitors to the villa, ensuring that you leave with a mind as cleansed as your body. The price even includes a full body massage by Victoria Parks, complete with essential oils grown and handmade on the island.

And there’s still time to chill…

With panoramic sea views and an MTV Cribs worthy villa, it would criminal if there wasn’t time to enjoy your surroundings. Luckily, the bespoke schedule allows for plenty of varied exercise, as well as downtime to recover and rejuvenate. Movie nights and music quizzes mean there’s plenty of fun chances to bond with your fellow guests.

Prices start from £1500 for a week at the Body Camp with programmes running from now until November in 2018. Includes the programme, accommodation, all food and drink and an hour-long massage. Visit www.thebodycamp.com for more information.

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