5 Reasons Why We Should All Be Rushing Home To Make Bone Broth

The Hemsley + Hemsley girls on why bone broths are the key to feeling and looking great


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Hemsley + Hemsley

Simple to make, soothing and nourishing, bone broth is one of the oldest, most affordable homemade foods that's spreading like wild fire as the newest food trend out there. New Yorkers are flocking to Broth hangouts like Brodo to swap their coffee for a grass-fed beef elixir. We caught up with the gorgeous Hemsley + Hemsley girls to discover why stomach soothing bone broths are so good for you.

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley (above) tell us, 'This ancient, nourishing food is used in many traditional cuisines throughout the world – think Vietnamese Pho, Chinese egg drop soup, Japanese ramen, Jewish chicken soup, Russian borscht, Polish rosół and Italian broth (brodo).' The Hemsley girls who are passionate about delicious cooking and wellness believe that, 'Bone broth is also becoming increasingly popular again thanks to renewed interest from nutritionists, as a tool for gut healing, and Paleo enthusiasts, who embrace it as part of their diet.'

Melissa And Jasmines 5 Reasons Why You Should #Boilyourbones:


'Bone broth is a nourishing all rounder packed with vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin which makes it amazing for skin – including the dreaded cellulite!'


'Nutrient rich bone broth is at the heart of what we do. Full of flavour and deeply nourishing, broth made from meat and fish bones has been used as a cure-all remedy across cultures and, in our opinion, is the secret to a great-tasting soup. The healthy fats in the broth help you to assimilate important vitamins including Vit D.'


'To help heal a damaged gut lining, you need large amounts of easily digestible substances like amino acids, gelatin, glucosamine, fats, vitamins and minerals, all found in good-quality bone broth.'


'...and bone broths made with fish bones and heads provide iodine and can help strengthen the thyroid. A good broth is rich in gelatin (a source of protein that helps counter the degeneration of joints) and collagen (which improves the condition of skin). We like to get our Beef Bones from our good friends Lizzie and Richard who run Wild Beef, an ethical, family run farm in Devon. '


'Easy to do and kind on the pocket, you can use your homemade bone broth to steam veggies and as the base of soups, stews and quinoa risottos. Add to sauces or enjoy a steaming hot mug with a grind of sea salt as a pot-workout drink or a soothing bedtime drink. To get the full nutritional benefits the broth should be homemade from the bones of the healthiest animals not from stock cubes, which can include a concoction of hydrolysed protein and emulsifiers. Even the ‘cleanest’ ready-made shop- bought stock or bouillon will not have the same benefits as homemade bone broth.'

Melissa and Jasmine's book The Art of Eating Well contains lots of lovely recipes made from #Bonebroth.

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