10 Hot Healthy Ways To… Use Aromatherapy To Change Your Mood

10 Hot Healthy Ways To... Use Aromatherapy To Change Your Mood


by Daniela Morosini |
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Tipper from Neal's Yard Remedies

December can be overwhelming with the inevitable overload of work, party and family responsibilities. For those feeling the pressure we caught up with Naturopathic Herbalist and Head of Training for Neal’s Yard Remedies, Tipper, to discover if and how we can lift our mood with the help of aromatherapy.

1. Why is aromatherapy so powerful and why should we all use it?

Aromatherapy has a long history of practical uses; the Roman soldiers used to rub raw garlic on the soles of their feet so that the essential oils permeated into the circulation and stimulated the immune system to fight off colds; rosemary used to be hung from rafters in schools to aid memory and is now being researched to treat Alzheimer’s. Science regularly looks at traditional uses of aromatherapy for research into modern medicine.

2. How can we incorporate aromatherapy into our everyday lives?

There are many ways to use essential oils, the easiest include diffusing them into the atmosphere, having aromatherapy massage or using aromatherapy body products. Also putting oils, salts and foams in the bath. Just make sure you use genuine essential oils from a supplier you trust, they are often adulterated or include synthetic fragrances.


**3. When we are feeling exhausted and low in energy after a big night or long week which aromatherapy blends can help? **

I love a blend of Rosemary (to energise and invigorate the senses), grapefruit (citrus oils remind you of summer and are cleansing and uplifting), and lemon (another sunny, fresh and uplifting oil.) Peppermint is also great, but bear in mind that you don’t need much in a blend to help clear the cobwebs away.

4. So many of us suffer from anxiety, stress and panic attacks – Is it possible to lower the heart-rate and calm ourselves by smelling oils?

Inhaling essential oils certainly makes a difference. When we smell, the essential oils go up the nose, hit the olfactory bulb and zip to the oldest part of the brain called the limbic system. This is when we immediately have an emotional response. Frankincense in particular, helps to slow and deepen the breathing, so is really good for panic attacks. Essential oils are ultimately most powerful when used on the skin as this is how they best enter into the circulation.


5. ‘How to sleep’ is now one of the most Googled phrases – How can aromatherapy help?

First run a fabulous relaxing aromatherapy bath. Lavender bath salts are particularly rich in magnesium which relaxes tense muscles. I create my favourite in-bath blend by adding frankincense and bergamot oils into a little plain bath oil. When your bath is ready, add the oil, swoosh, step in and relax. Have the same blend diffusing in your bedroom using a burner afterwards, or try our Calming Candle, £29.

6. And what if we are feeling depressed or low about something?

Here it would depend on how severely you are depressed. I would always recommend seeing a qualified aromatherapist to find the best solutions for you, but otherwise florals like rose, geranium and jasmine are fabulous to lift the spirits and citrus oils too because they’re so summery!


7. Where do you head for the best aromatherapy oils and skincare – are there any cult brands/destinations that we need to know about?

Yes of course, I always use our own Neal’s Yard Remedies essential oils. I know where they come from, have met the suppliers and they’re produced by the most amazing small growers from around the world. Wherever you buy your oils make sure they are genuine and not adulterated with synthetic ingredients.

8. Is there a different way to use aromatherapy skincare?

Treat an aromatherapy skincare routine in the same way you would any other – you will just reap extra benefits! For example, where a synthetic rose fragrance is used in skincare it just adds a smell, a face cream containing rose oil meanwhile, will calm and tone the skin, but also help to ease stress and balance the emotions.


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**9. We all love candles, but which aromatherapy blends are particularly good for boosting the spirits?

Look out for those containing patchouli, frankincense and lavender to balance the emotions, de-stress and calm and make sure that they don’t contain synthetic fragrance.

  1. Last but not least, are there any people who should avoid aromatherapy?

Those having cancer treatment should always see a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils. Similarly, if you are pregnant, there are some oils which shouldn’t be used – Do chat your options through with an aromatherapist and if you can’t do so pick products that are especially formulated for pregnancy. Neal’s Yard have a fantastic Mothers Massage Oil, (£19.50) blended with mandarin and neroli to help prevent stretch marks.


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