Want To Perk Up Your Work Day? Book That Trip You’ve Been Dreaming About Now

There’s nothing better than looking forward to a holiday.

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There’s nothing better than looking forward to a holiday. The build-up of excitement as the departure date draws nearer, the buzz as you get on the plane, and most importantly, the burst of adrenaline you get as you finally click ‘purchase’ and actually buy your tickets. After that, it’s easier to get through stresses at work and the rush hour commute, because you’re already imagining yourself on that beach in Costa Rica being handed Mojitos and dancing ‘til dawn. So how do you beat that daily grind? You book those tickets now! You’ve been patient, you’ve been working hard and you deserve this! #yolo

Have you clicked ‘Book Now’ yet? Good, you’re on your way. Now, here are some ways to get pumped-up for your trip… let’s swan dive into the holiday spirit.

  1. Read up on where you’re going

Whether it’s a short stay-cation, or you’re making your way to the other side of the world, get in the mind-set of the culture you’re set to explore. Look up the best places to eat/meet people/dance, find out the best hot-spots to visit, (as well as the ones off the beaten track,) and if the locals speak a different language, try and learn a few of their key words and phrases, (they’ll love you for it.)

  1. Indulge your senses

Watch films that are set in the city you’re about to explore. Listen to the music they listen to. Try their cuisines. Going somewhere summery? Get into the groove of things by prepping your taste buds with Starbucks Teavana Blackberry Mojito Green Tea Lemonade.* The buzz from trying new things is not exclusive to your destination, and it’s guaranteed to perk you up on an otherwise mundane day. You may find that treating yourself before your holiday will make you feel like it’s going for longer!

  1. Lock in your beauty routine

Sort out the summer getaway’s three musts: skin, hair and nails. Exfoliation is important if you plan to sunbathe, while a facial will improve circulation and sooth your skin before you take off. Make sure you get a special manicure and pedicure before you go, especially if you plan to saunter around the beach. Finally, do one or two conditioning treatments for your hair to keep it shiny and luscious. We promise you’ll be feeling confident and fabulous before you even board the plane.

  1. Tie ALL loose ends

Don’t let chores follow you to your summer paradise. Make sure you answer your emails, pay your bills and ensure your pet will be fed by someone reliable before you jet off. Tie all loose ends so you have nothing to worry about once your there!


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