View From The Bar: What’s The Best Drink To Order To Rinse The Free Work Tab?

Without your boss thinking you’re a cheapskate, obv…


by Delphine Chui |

Here’s the thing, you’re absolutely, totally, 100 per cent skint. Your overdraft is spent and it’s still two weeks till payday. Time to face facts baked beans are your dinner, and frivolous fun is off the to do list. As for alcohol, well that’s the first to go. But good news, your boss has suggested a work night out. Normally you might try to pull a sickie (who honestly wants a night out with colleagues?), but he says he’ll put his company card behind the bar, and frankly after the week you’ve had you really need that drink – so time to rally the troops.

Now all you need to know is how to get the most out of his tab without him noticing. ‘If you’re on a work tab, order champagne or champagne-based cocktails, the Rossini and Bellini are both made with Champagne with the edition of strawberries or peaches’ Emilie, one of Bacardi’s bartenders who has worked around the world tells The Debrief. These drinks are easy to recreate at home with Prosecco rather than champagne.

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Cocktails are a must. ‘Pick stuff that you might not be able to have on your own budget like a really nice whisky or an expensive rum-based drink.I’d recommend a Manhattan, a classic that is sweet and citrusy.’ Rum cocktails tend to be more popular; rather than go for the usual mojito try a more decadent option like the Daiquiri or a Treacle.’

However, if you are going to do cocktails, try not to go for loads of different ones if you’re in a big group of colleagues. ‘It can be a bit annoying if a big group orders loads of different long-stirred drinks, like old fashions or sours, which take a long time to make,’ Emilie says.

Ok, got it. But don’t we need to worry that our boss will see we’re ripping him off and over spending? ‘Companies always have larger budgets behind the bar than people realize,’ Emilie continues. ‘But most people just drink regular things probably because they’re just used to drinking that style of brand or spirit, we’re usually the ones encouraging them ‘you can have this!’ Be adventurous, use the opportunity to try drinks you’ve not had before. Many bars have a happy hour on cocktails until 7pm which means you get to try a new drink for the same price as a glass of wine.’

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What about if you’re told you’re only allowed to order wine? We’re used to heading straight for the cheapest plonk on the menu – but is there actually something nice to order that doesn’t taste like you’ve entered a lemon-sucking contest? ‘If you’re going to order wine, impress your workmates by going for a bottle of white Viognier & Marsanne,’ Emilie says. ‘It’s having a real moment plus will make you look like you know what you’re talking about.’

Which, let’s face it, is always a bonus when you’re out with your boss.

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