9 Brilliant Vegan Curry Recipes That’ll Rock Your Hungry Little World

Vegan katsu curry, anyone?

Vegan Curry Recipes

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

There's nothing quite as satisfying as a curry for dinner. Warm, comforting and all around brilliant fodder. If you've kicked the cow and given up animal produce though, curries can be a bit of a minefield.

That is, at least, until we found these delicious, super easy vegan recipes for you to try, of course.

I know what you're thinking; what possibly could be left of the curry once you get rid of all the meat, the cream, the ghee and all of that richly satisfying goodness? I thought it too. But let me tell ya, don't fall into that trap matey because these Pinterest gems will have meat eater's drooling just as heavily as their plant-only friends. Trust us.

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And we're not just talking about bowls full of mushy chickpeas and squeaky tofu either (although, yes, both do appear in a couple of menus). We found a katsu curry, a classic thai red and one that even involves fresh mango.

Hungry yet? Thought so. Here's some friendly encouragement to forget the takeaway, sack off Thursday night Curry Club and whip up a couple of these gems instead.

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Vegan Curry Recipes
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Vegan Red Thai Coconut Curry

Nervous about swapping out a classic? Don't be. Though it might not be strictly red, this version still packs a yummy punch.


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1. Raspberry And Coconut Energy Bites

Remember when everyone was going crazy for 'energy balls'? Well, it's not too late to get involved. And if you're going to I'd recommend starting with this cute looking raspberry and coconut ones by My Fussy Eater. The matter of whether or not honey is considered vegan or not is hotly contested in the veganism world, but if you're of the opinion that no, honey is not vegan, then ditch the honey from the recipe, swap it for agave nectar or maple syrup and you've got yourself a really yummy healthy snack to munch on.

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