Turns Out These ‘Superfoods’ Aren’t Actually Superfoods

You thought you were eating super healthy? Wrong, oh so wrong…

Turns Out These 'Superfoods' Aren't Actually Superfoods

by Pola Namysl |
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From time to time we all hear about these A-mazing superfoods that are good for basically... everything. Nothing can replace them. They make us thinner, our hair stronger, heart better and we live longer. At least that’s what people say. Let’s take chia seeds. They are supposed to be loaded with nutrients, have high quality protein, help you lose weight and many more (according to Authority Nutrition, I’m not a scientist so wouldn’t know for sure). And now, in light of this, the trendiest thing to pop up on your Instagram feed is fancy chia pudding picture.


So thank you New Scientist for actually checking the truth about all the almost-magicpowers food or ‘superfood’ (a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being) whatever you feel like calling it. Here's some superfood myths they've busted wide open.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are claimed to be super healthy but apparently, the nutritional values of goji berries can easily be replaced with yellow peppers, spinach and cabbage.

Chia Seeds

Famous chia seeds are supposed to be full of ‘omega 3-fatty acids’ (which should reduce depression and heart-risk disease), while this might be true, the seeds can’t actually process properly into your organism. Basically- eat fish instead.

Dark Chocolate

This one almost broke my heart.

Every time I ate dark chocolate I’d say ‘come on guys, it’s really good for your blood pressure, it's the healthiest sweet we can get’. According to the New Scientist though, I'm wrong. The fat and sugar in it can reduce the positive effects.


Quinoa is full of nutrients. But only if you don’t wash or boil it. Fancy it raw?


Blueberries are supposed to protect your heart but in fact they struggle to enter the blood system.


There is some good news though; beetroots. This one is actually a ‘superfood’! Yay! There’s no hidden hack, beetroot actually is good for you. Just don’t overdo it.

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