You Have To See How These Rainbow Bagels Are Made

They look amazing... and not all that apetising, tbh

You Have To See How These Rainbow Bagels Are Made

by Debrief Staff |
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Our coloured food obsession continues apace - and this time, coloured bagles are getting this internet treatment.

This video comes courtesy of Scot Rossillo owner of The Bagel Shop in Brooklyn, NYC. It is nothing short of an instagramer's heaven, with rainbow coloured bagels that look like play doh - although they don't look like the most edible things ever, tbh.

They come in a wide variety of colours and can be customised - and the video below shows exactly how they're made. Hold on for the money shot when they cut into the dough and you can see the wide assortment of colours (again, still don't look all that apetising). Cream cheese and salmon anyone?

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