These Salads Have Disguised Themselves As Cakes And We’re All Confused

Look pretty, but probably tastes like a kale smoothie..

These Salads Have Disguised Themselves As Cakes And We're All Confused

by Chloe Laws |

Japan’s Vegedeco Salad® Café’s press release showed off these seemingly pretty cakes, claiming that they are made entirely from vegetables. Not only are they deceiving to look at, they aren’t even completely made from vegetables; soybean flour is used as well as tofu for the ‘icing’.

Mitsuki Moriyasu

The food stylist and designer Mitsuki Moriyasu who created these cake illusions states that his aim is to combine ‘health and beauty’. The cakes are apparently popular among ‘women who particularly care about their health and beauty and to men who want to build up their body’.

Carrot cakes and courgette cakes have been a long time favourite for bakers, but the main difference is that they still taste sweet- these don’t. Which raises the question, were’s the fun in cake if it’s not even a little bit of a guilty pleasure?

So if you want to eat something that looks like it’s out of GBBO but tastes similar to a health detox, then pop in to the two cafes that serve these creations if you’re ever in Japan. I’ll stick to my cakes that taste like cakes, and my salads that look like salads.

Photos: Mitsuki Moriyasu

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