Refresh Your Well-Being Regime This Spring

We’re entering the season of fresh starts, so naturally, we’re giving our well-being a spring clean too.

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by Ellie Lavender |
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Oh spring. How happy we are to see you! The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, and a sense of renewal is in the air.

Thanks to the clocks going forward recently, our days are finally longer, lighter, and brighter and with the beginning of a new season comes an opportunity to refresh our mental and physical well-being.

It can be easy to forget about our health when life starts to get busier and our social calendars begin filling up, so take this as your sign to implement some simple tweaks to maintain a healthy wellness routine without sacrificing the pleasures in life. Whether that’s giving your phone a spring clean to limit screen time, benefitting from the healing powers of nature, or taking a 5 minute break to indulge in a Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownie bar, we’re all about creating healthy rituals without compromise.

Here’s how we’re refreshing our well-being regime this springtime.

Refresh your… self-care practice

Self-care might be personal to everyone, but today, everybody and everything is telling you exactly how to achieve it. TikTok trends, YouTube tutorials, self-help books, or even a best friend can swear by certain rituals that help them accomplish self-care, but are they serving a purpose for you?

Consider the little bits of serotonin that get you through the day. Is it having an organised morning routine or meditating to wind down? Is it journaling, talking to a therapist, or having a luxurious skincare regime? The trick here is finding what the non-negotiable modes of self-care are for you and working them into your everyday. Having a streamlined self-care routine helps to take the time out to focus on yourself and your wellness.

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Refresh your… fitness routine

This is not a preach about the importance of exercising regularly, as we all know that moving your body boosts moods and induces endorphins, but it is time to reflect on whether you’re actually enjoying exercising. Switching up your fitness routine and adding in a variety of workouts can help combat the monotony. This can be starting a new class with a friend or trying something different like boxing or spinning.

Take advantage of the warmer weather and get outside for a light jog around the park or bring your workout alfresco and soak in the fresh air and spring sunshine. Even if you just take a walk whilst snacking on a delicious Fibre One Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bar, being out in nature is great for your well-being. Recent studies have shown that being outside has a positive impact on your mental health as it can calm your thoughts and reduce blood pressure - even the sounds of nature have a therapeutic effect on the mind.

However you choose to move your body, now is a great time to try something new and get out there!

Refresh your… phone screen

Spring is the essence of the phrase ‘out with the old and in with the new’, so use this mindset to deep clean your tech. Unsubscribe from emails that are cluttering up your inbox, delete unused apps and unfollow any social media accounts that don’t lift you up.

To take it a step further, try muting notifications or putting your phone on ‘do not disturb’ when you’re out with friends or going on a walk. Turning your phone off an hour before bed or limiting your social media use over the weekend will help you stay present and prevent any doom scrolling. We promise that whatever is happening on Instagram can wait.

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Refresh your… diet

Food and nutrition contribute a large part to our well-being. In the winter we crave heavier, comforting meals but with the change of the season, we’re ready for lighter and fresher foods. Following the seasonal food calendar is a natural way to refresh your diet. Take this time to flick through recipe books for inspiration and discover how to incorporate seasonal spring produce like asparagus and strawberries into your meals.

It’s also a good time to focus on the foods that make you feel great and without limitations. This is where Fibre One comes in. They have a huge range of irresistible, satisfying treats that are high in fibre for a happy and healthy gut that contribute to your overall well-being. From 90-calorie Birthday Cake squares to Caramel Protein bars, Fibre One know how to please any sweet craving without compromising on the things you love.

With their recent launch of the Crave Club, Fibre One are encouraging you to celebrate the little things that make your day brighter, because life is too short to deny the things you enjoy. In the spirit of entering a season full of new beginnings, join their community of like-minded people who are all about treating yourself and discover more inspirational well-being tips.

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