Here’s The Real Reason Jeremy Corbyn Banned McDonalds From The Labour Party Conference

No, it wasn't because Jeremy Corbyn was being 'snobby'

Here's The Real Reason Jeremy Corbyn Banned McDonalds From The Labour Party Conference

by Jess Commons |
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And now, back to the age-old tradition of middle-aged men getting their knickers in a twist.

Saturday saw yet another row kick off within Labour when it emerged that the National Executive Committee for Labour had turned down a £30,000 offer from McDonalds to set up an 'interactive experience' display to support British farm produce at the upcoming Labour Party Conference.

As a side note: what is an interactive experience supporting farm produce? Right now I'm imagining that Simpsons episode where they go to a restaurant where you can pick your own cow to be slaughtered for your dinner. That would certainly add an edge to the whole proceeeding.

Anyways, always on the lookout for reasons to get mad at Corbs, Labour dissenters have come out in force to condemn the decision. Ian Austin, the Labour MP for Dudley North tweeted 'Why has @UKLabour turned down £30k from McDonald's? My first job was in their branch of Dudley High Street' and Labour MP for Ilford North Wes Streeting said, 'It smacks of a snobby attitude towards fast-food restaurants and people who work or eat at them. McDonald’s may not be the trendy falafel bar that some people in politics like to hang out at but it's enjoyed by families across the country.'

According to an exclusive report in Politics Homes today though, McDonalds was denied from the event for a very different reason; 'McDonald's have failed every test when it comes to union recognition and decent employment standards' a source close to Corbs said.

As recently as last August, the UK chief executive of the fast food chain Paul Pomroy defended the company's use of zero hour contracts. 'We still have zero-hours contracts and they are very flexible contracts, so people at McDonald’s get their shifts two weeks in advance and we allow employees to go and work elsewhere.'

Perhaps Corbs' decision was less 'I'm a leftie veggie who only eats falafel' and more 'I care about the little guy?'

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