Quiz: What Does Your Nandos Order Say About You

Don’t pretend the waitress didn't give you some casual side-eye as she delivered your plain butterfly chicken

Quiz: What Does Your Nandos Order Say About You

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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There are various types of Nandos people. You've got those who strut into the restaurant knowing full well what they're going to order and will tell the person on the other side of the till precisely how hot they would like their chicken without any need for prompting. Then you've got the ones who insist on reading the menu cover to cover, deliberating over the new additions before coming to the conclusion that they're going to order the most boring, un-Nandos thing there.

But, despite everything that comes in between the various degrees of Nandology, there is one thing that everyone who goes to the famed chicken haven of happiness has in common: we're all a bit judgy about what our date/mate/dining companion orders. I'm not saying I've ever ended a friendship with someone who made the wrong choices (because, sorry, there are indeed wrong choices), but it's well and truly engrained in my mind to use as a witty but entirely serious come back at any point.

What you decide to eat reveals a lot about you, my friends. It says all sorts about your personality, friendships and how much heat your touch can handle.* Now, I'm neither a mind reader nor the Nandos whisperer BUT we can make a pretty good (maybe. Kind of) interpretation of what you're like based on what you want from the menu. Hungry?

*I mean, it doesn't. If we're being entirely rational, we know that some days you fancy one thing and other days you might fancy something completely different which doesn't really reflect on who you are as a human being. But let's go with it because quizzes are fun and well, Nandos.

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