Over Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Starbucks Have Got A New Drink

Take note of the beyond bonkers sugar content first though...

Over Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Starbucks Have Got A New Drink

by Jess Commons |
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We’ve reached the limit of pumpkin spice, ladies. Today, I woke up and found out that there was, in addition to the drink, pumpkin spice hair colours and pumpkin spice nail varnish.

Which basically means people are dyeing their hair a weird orange colour and painting their nails an odd nude colour that *smells *like spiced pumpkins. It’s terribly confusing, but do try to keep up.

Anyways, Starbucks is already on the case. They’ve released a ‘mulled fruits’ number to tide us over until gingerbread lattes and red cups arrive (they promise us on their Facebook page that this will be ‘soon’). People who’ve signed up to their rewards scheme were able to access the mulled fruits drink a week ago, now it’s time for us.

Anyways, first seen last year, the mulled fruits drinks come in grape and apple and are seasoned with chai and ‘finished with a slice of apple and a cinnamon stick’. So it’s bascially mulled wine and cider, but without the booze.

Which is great for first thing in the morning, but not so handy on a Saturday afternoon while you wander round Christmas markets and want to get secretly drunk to deal with all the tourists walking slowly and taking pictures of phone boxes.

One thing to note though? There’s a cool 52g of sugar in a tall grape mulled fruits drink and 47 in a tall apple one (that’s the smallest size) – that’s roughly double your daily recommended intake and double that of a pumpkin spice latte *with *whipped cream.

Perhaps you’re better off waiting for the gingerbread latte?

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