Stressed? Why Not Peel Some Potatoes At Selfridges New Workshop

Would you unwind by peeling some spuds?

Stressed? Why Not Peel Some Potatoes At Selfridges New Workshop

by Alyss Bowen |

If you were to ask me how I like to unwind it would probably involve wine, some candles and lots of sofa sitting. Well, according to UK department store Selfridges, there's a new kind of relaxation method around. A new workshop concept available at the department store is all about ‘reconnecting’ learning and relaxing…and it involves potatoes.

The aim of the game is to learn how to peel potatoes to help their customers calm down from our busy, stressful lives. Taking place in their semi-dark, ‘conceptual farmhouse,’ within the stores basement (creepy?) they ask participants to put any their phones and be at one with the potatoes. Ok, that last parts a lie but you do have to put your iPhone away.

Linda Hewson, creative director of Selfridges, told The Guardian: ‘We’re not expecting potato peeling to become a hobby. But the idea is to draw attention to those habitual tasks you would not normally notice or appreciate, and find a renewed value in them. It’s about simple enjoyment and awareness of daily life – and taking the time to appreciate it.’

We guess in a way reconnecting with home chores, like peeling potatoes, could be quite therapeutic. The laborious task of peeling is often seen as a chore, but perhaps when not done in a pressured ‘I need to do this quickly’ atmosphere when you’re tired from work and want dinner immediately it could actually be quite, well, nice.

Named ‘Our Home’ Selfridges new workshop scheme is open to the public now, so if potato peeling is (or maybe isn’t too) your thing, you can head on down from tomorrow.

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