Places That Serve Beer Cocktails. (Yep, They’re A Suprisingly Delicious Thing)

The wonderful ladies over at Barchick tell us where to get the best cocktails made out of beer. Trust us on this - they're definitely worth getting involved with. Even if you think you don't like beer.


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‘Hardcore Zombie’ at BrewDog, UK wide

These wicked brewery bars are dotted across the UK from Bristol to Birmingham and beyond. These beer lovers promise to ‘shelter anyone who sails against the wake of the mainstream’ – like those who want beer cocktails perhaps? There’s a menu of cocktALEs (witty) with killer drinks like The Hardcore Zombie - BrewDog Hardcore IPA, Sailor Jerry’s Rum, ginger beer and fresh lime. Better hop to it!


‘Beer Gryls’ at Oskar’s Bar at Dabbous, London

Oskar’s Bar hidden beneath Dabbous is a great little secret that not too many people know about, and it serves beer cocktails that not many places serve. They’re on to something here. They have a whole beer and cider cocktail section like BarChick’s fave, Beer Gryls (kudos on the name), with Diplomatico Blanco Rum, Boudier Banane, Domaine de Canton, lime juice & manuka honey, topped up with Einstök White Ale. It’s the type of beer cocktail you can sip without getting a beer belly.


Boilermaker at The Church, Birmingham

Don’t be fooled by the name, this place sure ain’t saintly. With award-winning cocktails teamed with a bangin’ terrace and Deep South Louisiana style food, it’s no wonder The Church’s pretty much the best bar in Birmingham. Get your USA on and get in a Boilermaker – a bottle of beer teamed with a shot of whiskey. Now this is one you can ask for in any decent bar or pub all over – sure it’s hard-core but soon you’ll be wondering why you ever even contemplated drinking beer without a kick of the good stuff.


Shakey Pete’s Ginger Brew’ at Hawksmoor, London

Sure these guys have an insane wine list but their cocktails really give it a run for its money. We’ve been in love with the Shakey Pete’s Ginger Brew since our first sip – so lucky for us it’s served at every Hawksmoor branch – hell yeh. Made with gin, homemade ginger syrup & lemon juice, topped with London Pride. If you’re worried about London Pride making this a heavy drink then don’t sweat it, it tastes nice and light, basically it’s the pimpest ginger beer you’ll have.


*Timmerman’s Sangria at Beer & Skittles, Edinburgh

You can travel around the world one beer at a time in here, and with a killer beer cocktail selection it’s totes the way to travel in style. Beer & Skittle’s taste of Spain is Timmerman’s Sangria and with this Sangria mixing up tequila, Cointreau, lemon, fresh raspberries and strawberry beer, we’re saying HOLA senorita. How about a trip to Mexico with a Beer Margarita? Off to Moscow with a Blue Mule? You get it. Sure they can’t promise exotic beaches and sunshine, but knock back a couple of these and baby, the world is your oyster.*


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