7 More Cheap Restaurants Where You Can Get A Meal (With Booze) For Under £10 In London

Skint? In need of a good feeding? Here's where to go.Illustrations by Jacky Sheridan

7 More Cheap Restaurants Where You Can Get A Meal (With Booze) For Under £10 In London

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Obviously you're skint. That's just a fact of life. You're probably going to be skint for a long old time because well, let's blame the government and/or student loans and the renting crisis.

Just because you spent Monday night digging down the side of your sofa for errant 10p pieces though doesn't mean you can't still go out and have fun. There's plenty of places in the normally stupidly expensive London town that'll have you in serve you a hot meal *and *a glass of the good stuff (booze, obvs) and charge you less than a tenner for it.

You just need to know where to look...

1. Jubo


It's 2016 and Korean food is not going anywhere - which is great news - because it's downright delicious. Head to Jubo in Exmouth Market to cash in on the ever-growing trend. Bag yourself a Kimchi Bokkeumbap which is rice fried with that yummy spicy cabbage stuff Koreans are so good at AND bacon, spring onions and egg (£6.50). H'omg. Add to that an Asahi Extra Dry Super Cold beer for £3.50 and you're laughing.

Total: £10

2. Silk Road

Camberwell's worst kept secret, this cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurant has even been known to force North of the Riverers down South for an evening. Always packed, it's not the most relaxing dining experience you'll ever have but it's still super delicious. Get their stir-friend lamb shish noodle dish for £6.50 (it's spicy, beware), then treat yourself with a Tsing Tao beer for just £2.50.

Total: £9

3. The Bowler

A restaurant based on balls is actually a lot more appetising than it might sound. See, The Bowler's balls are meatballs and they're made out of lots of different things like beef chuck and chorizo, green chilli chicken, falafel... Each ball box comes with either bulgar wheat salad or long grain brown rice and a lovely salad topped with crispy shallots. Mate. What a dream. The pork shoulder and beef chuck ball box is £4.99 plus, grab yourself a beer out of the fridge for just £4.50.

Total: £9.50

4. Pieminister

There's a couple of Pieminister's hiding in several of London's best loved pubs. The Sun in Covent Garden, the Nellie Dean on Dean Street, The British Oak in Blackheath and St James of Bermondsey. Pies at the Belackheath location are £5 and you can choose from anything from venison to chicken and mushroom to steak and stilton. The cheapest glass of wine at the Blackheath location comes in at £3.90.

Total: £8.90

5. Pizza Pilgrim

This cult pizza place now has three venues - two in Soho and one in Exmouth Market. Their pizzas are big, crispy and, quite frankly delicious. A marinara pizza is only £5 (no cheese - that comes for an extra £1.50 if you can stretch) and a glass of house white or red comes in at £4.

Total: £9

6. Homeslice

Yet more pizza on offer at this again, very popular and very busy pizza cahin. Located in Covent Garden, Fitzrovia and Old Street, pick up an (absolutely humongous - Homeslice do MASSIVE really well) slice of mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed and chilli pizza for just £4, house white or red is also, just £4.

Total: £8

7. Vapiano

Italian on the brain? Maybe. There's loads of Vapianos around now (well, three in London and one in Manchester) and, TBH, their fun ordering system where they give you a card that you load up before paying at the till (yes, just like school) is still all sorts of fun. Go for their Aglio e Olio pasta (garlic, chilli and parsley for £6.75) and you'll still have enough left over for bottle of Peroni for £2.75.

Total: £9.50

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