Gah! Vegetable Crisps Are Worse For You Than Krispy Kreme Donuts

Swap your halo for some devil horns, because vegetable crisps are certainly not a sin-free snack

OMG! Vegetable Crisps Are Worse For You Than Krispy Kreme Donuts

by Georgina Roberts |
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You may feel smug in Pret a Manger as you reach for the vegetable crisps while your friend reaches for the brownie. You are gleefully secure in the knowledge that you have consumed a less fatty snack than her…Well, think again.

Shockingly, a new study reveals that our favourite vegetable crisps contain very high levels of fat. This deceptively ‘healthy’ option, in fact, contains more fat than indulgences such as a Mars Bar , a Krispy Kreme Donut, or even 2 MacDonald’s cheeseburgers. By comparison, a pack of Tyrells Beetroot, Parsnip & Carrot Crisps weighs in at whopping 14.28g of fat per 40g bag. Yikes! I know I’d rather have the 2 cheeseburgers, to be honest...

It’s no wonder the moorish veggie crisps tasted so mysteriously yummy and crispy. A nutritional analysis of a typical pack of vegetable crisps revealed most contain only 2 thirds vegetables, while the other third is a mixture of unhealthy oil and salt. The consumption of these excess saturated fats can lead to a rise in cholesterol, increased risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke, so watch out.

With the astronomic rise of the trillion pound ‘wellness cult’, with its ‘clean eating’, yoga, and preference for all things green, the popularity of these perceived healthy snacks have soared. But is the marketing of these products dangerous? Crafty packaging often fools us that these snacks will do us favours in the health department. We can no longer kid ourselves. Despite the fact that the crisp packet says ‘vegetable’ on, nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed, who conducted the study for Wren Kitchen says, 'crisps are crisps.' We should be similarly wary of the angelic reputation of on-trend protein balls, which can actually be loaded with sugar.

Ironically, trying your best to be healthy by eating these foods could actually lead to weight gain - great. Research shows that people may eat as much as double a portion size of a product if they believe it to be healthy. We are all victims of this 'but it's healthy!' mentality. This is the mindset which makes you throw caution to the wind and scoff 5 packets of roasted almonds when it would be better for you just to have a balanced meal instead.

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