You Might Want To Check The Date On Your Quorn Mince Right Now

Thousands of bags are being recalled from Tesco

You Might Want To Check The Date On Your Quorn Mince Right Now

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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If Quorn mince is on the menu tonight, it's probably worth making a backup plan before you get all the way home, fire up the frying pan and open the packet, only to find that you can't eat your favourite meat-free weeknight dinner.

Thousands of bags of Quorn’s frozen mince is being recalled from the supermarket because there are concerns that they might actually contain pieces of metal. Yummy.

The Food Standards Agency have warned people not to eat the veggie-friendly mince because of the risk, reports the BBC. And to be fair, it’s pretty safe to say that no-one wants a few shards of metal floating around in their meat-free Bolognese.

We totally wouldn't blame you for having flashbacks of The Tainting of the Screw, that bloody brilliant episode of Kenan and Kel (oh, the nostalgia) when Kenan chokes on a screw when he bites into a tuna sandwich, decides to sue the tuna company and then Kel breaks down in court and performs the iconic ‘I put the s-s-s-crew in the TUUNAAA’ confession. It was on our minds too.

And don't panic, there probably aren’t any screws living with your frozen mince. Quorn Foods have said the recall is a precautionary response to an ‘isolated production issue’ that doesn’t actually affect any of their other food. So, if you're more of a Quorn sausage person, you're probably safe from the rogue metal shards the company is worried about. It's just the mince with the potential problem. But also, the recall only affects the 300g packets purchased at Tesco (and only Tesco) after 27 February 2017, batch code 136331 and with 31 August 2018 as the best before date.

So it's a very specific batch that has been affected. That said, though, a whole 12,000 of these particular bags are being taken off the shelves, so if you’ve got a packet in your freezer that you remember buying over the last couple of days it might be worth checking that the information doesn't match any of the above before you go to cook it. You just need to pop back to Tesco’s to return it and they'll give you a full refund.

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