Forget Meal Deal Talk, Rate My Tea Is The New Facebook Group To Judge Your Culinary Choices

It's users, whilst not quite as viscous as the Meal Deal crew, have still got some stuff to say about your tea's colour and consistency.

Forget Meal Deal Talk, Rate My Tea Is The New Facebook Group To Judge Your Culinary Choices

by Pola Namysl |
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Just a few days ago, Meal Deal Talk, the closed Facebook account where people visciously rate your meal deal, went massive. Now, there's an even more British version and it's called Rate My Tea.

Basically Rate My Tea consists of a Twitter account and

, where you post picture of your tea and people rate it (duh). Other users comment on ‘colour, consistency, mug/cup, setting and biscuit choice’.

While the Meal Deal comments were quite harsh (death threats for anyone with houmous in their sandwich seemed a little bit too much), the tea group users are a much more refined bunch.

‘This is a good cuppa, no? Yorkshire tea obviously, Ss milk, no sugar, didn't time the brew but I do like my bag squeezed!’


‘I could tell that was Yorkshire by the golden glow oozing from the cup. Well done!’

‘I'd give that a 10/10’

Still there are some people who aren't quite so nice.

‘ 1/10. Points given - .5 for the mug, .5 for the biscuitry.’

‘Sorry, Sarah - for me, not enough tea (strength) and not enough tea (brimmage), also, rimbubbles aren't well received by the group (indicator of haste, or microwaved milk, or instant coffee. 
I have fondness for the mug, though!’


Since I myself am not not British-I do admire people for actually knowing if the tea is good by the colour and consistency. It's quite a skill. And since I can’t actually see a difference between Lipton and any other black tea, I guess it’s time to hang some more with my British friends and work on my tea making skills. Because for now I think this group would own me.

Anyone fancy a tea date?

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